NOW Available! Night Of The Demons (1988) – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Night Of The Demons (1988) – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Composed by Dennis Michael Tenney

FINALLY! For the first time ever, this soundtrack is available for pre-order! Shipping is estimated around September 14, 2015 for the CD and cassette formats. If you order vinyl, shipping is estimated around September 18, 2015.

Pre-Order NOW!

Pre-orders started August 18, 2015 –

CD: $10.00
Cassette: $8.00
Vinyl: Prices Vary – 4 different vinyls to choose from – $25.00 – $27.00

Clear (Standard) – $25.00
Black 180G – $25.00
Red and Black Marble 180G – $27.00
Sour Balls 180G – $27.00

There is also a 5th vinyl, limited edition, 2x LP TRANSPARENT RED RETAIL EDITION (Standard Weight) only available through  Light In The Attic and European Partner One Way Static Records

Note: There is NO digital download (unless they change their mind)

-Available for the first time ever on vinyl
-Includes liner notes by director Kevin Tenney
-Lyric and photo insert
-Gatefold jacket with spot-varnish
-All new artwork by Devon Whitehead
-Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin

Compiled from Reel & Tape source material. Blips, hiss, bleed, dropouts; audiophiles be damned.




All images shown are approximate mock-ups. All images are property of their respective companies.

Limit of 2 per each color per household, all orders beyond that will be cancelled.

Track Listing: 74:40

01 Night of the Demons Theme
02 Suzie Hides the Lipstick
03 The Burn
04 Henry Jogs
05 Judy Runs
06 Roger Runs for the Car
07 Suzie Strips
08 Helen Eats the Windshield
09 The Cue From Hell
10 Computer Date
11 Victims of the Press
12 The Beast Inside
13. Hull House 101
14. Check This Out/Be A Man!
15. The Séance/Coming From the Basement
16. The Possession Suite
17. Tall Tales/Suzy-Q, Where Are You?
18. Dancing With the Devil
19. Not a Bad Paint Job/Leaving So Soon?
20. Prey of the Demons/Soul Searching
21. How About an Orgy?/Run Judy, Run!
22. Nowhere to Go
23. Left Right, Left Right!
24. Fighting Back
25. Escape/The End?
26. Halloween Party FX 1
27. Halloween Party FX 2
28. Halloween Party FX 3

Sample the tracks here:

Side Note: There appears to be NO Bauhaus – Stigmata Martyr track on this soundtrack. Unless it is a hidden track, which I doubt. This may or may not be a big disappointment for fans of the movie. This song was a major hit with a lot of fans. If you don’t remember, this was the song that played during Angela’s demonic dance scene!

Not sure why the song does not seem to be included on the soundtrack. My guess is it has to do with money, which seems to be the biggest reason why songs never make it on to some soundtracks, DVD releases etc. Sometimes even in some DVD releases all music gets stripped from the original and replaced with something else. Which always annoys any hardcore fan / collector.

Speaking of collectors!

If you are a collector of horror memorabilia, such as myself, mostly movies for me with a few other collectibles…. my guess for these items becoming the most rare / collectibles to have are, as far as the soundtracks goes, I think will be mostly the vinyl formats. I could be wrong, and this is just a guess…. but in order of….

1. 2xLP TRANSPARENT RED RETAIL EDITION (Standard Weight) – (Limited Edition)
3. 2xLP SOUR BALLS (Solid Orange, Yellow and White Starburst Mix 180G DELUXE)
4. 2xLP BLACK (180G)
5. 2xLP CLEAR (Standard Weight Vinyl)

Numbers 2 and 3 are a toss up for me. Personally, between the 2, I like the Red and Black marble over the Sour Balls Edition. However, I do think that the Transparent Red Retail Edition will be the biggest collectible out of all the vinyls. Again, I could be wrong here. But if I were to buy for collectible purposes, that is the one I would definitely shoot for!

What are you waiting for? Go get it!!!

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