HorrorHound Weekend 2015 – Indianapolis, IN

Attention all you Horror Fans! It is that time of year again, HorrorHound Weekend celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year!



The Marriott

7202 East 21st St.

Indianapolis, IN 46219


Show Times:

Friday: 5PM – 10PM

Saturday: 11AM – 7PM

Sunday: 11AM – 5PM


TICKETS: (See Image)

Children 12 & under – FREE


Please see more information here to be sure you get the latest and correct information, as things with events like this can always be changing.

You might want to go to their homepage for FAQ’s and Vendor Information if you have questions.

HorrorHound Weekend Homepage: HorrorHound Weekend 2015


Come out and join other horror fans for some spooktacular fun and meet some of your favorite horror movie icons! This year HorrorHound will be dominated by characters from A Nightmare On Elm Street! Many key cast members from the Original 1984 movie and its sequels will be in attendance! According to their guest list, this will include the main man himself, Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund!

Also, a few other cast members from NOES are:

Heather Langenkamp

Mark Patton

Amanda Wyss

Ronee Blakley

Jsu Garcia (Nick Cori)

Kim Myers

Jennifer Rubin

Lisa Wilcox

and more!


Other notable names who will also be in attendance are:

Danielle Harris

Lance Henriksen

Robert Brian Wilson

Jonathan Tiersten

Tom Savini

Howard Berger

Many more….

Unfortunately, David Arquette had to cancel due to work conflicts.


Stephen McHattie, has also had to cancel due to work.





So don’t delay any longer! Get your tickets NOW! Tickets are selling out quickly!




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