Halloween Returns! Will Gillian Jacobs Be The Lead?

Lilith here with some super exciting Halloween News!!!

Dimension Films and Director Marcus Dunstan will be bringing fans Halloween Returns! The last news I heard on this, they hope to start shooting this Fall. Also, Louisiana was rumored to be the movies location. But it is to my understanding that has not yet been confirmed.

Dunstan recently said, “I really like this actress Gillian Jacobs,” he went on to say, ““She’s known for all this comedy on ‘Community,’ and yet I didn’t know her from ‘Community’ first, I knew her from a movie called ‘Gardens of the Night,’ which is one of the most wrenching dramas, and she’s excellent. I thought, ‘I wonder if this great performer would do that again, would like to go there,’ and I think so.”

There has been no official confirmation that Gillian Jacobs will be starring in Halloween Returns, but as soon as something gets released, I will update you!

The plan alluded to so far, Halloween Returns will be picking up from the events that occurred in Halloween 2, that is Halloween 2 from 1981. Which should be quite interesting given that it was well over 30 years ago. The plan also alludes to ignoring all other sequels and remakes, which could bring a breath of fresh air to some of the older fans of the franchise. The film will follow Deputy Gary Hunt, who was originally played by Hunter Von Leer in 1981’s Halloween 2. If you remember, Gary Hunt accompanied Dr. Loomis to the school, Hunt is now acting Sheriff of Haddonfield, Illinois. The now 18-year-old offspring of one of Myers’ victims will play a central role along with the child of a cop who has long been obsessed with the Myers’ case. Michael Myers is now on death row and the two kids with their own personal vendettas against Myers sneak in to watch his execution. But when things go wrong and Myers escapes… well, you can guess the rest.

So far from all that I have read concerning this new Halloween movie, it sounds like they have really tried to do their homework. Even going back to reviewing John Carpenters screenplay! They also want to keep the Myers mask as close to the original as possible. It seems they want to go back to the old format of the original and try and capture the beauty of what made it such a success in the first place.

Also, Alan Howarth has shown some enthusiasm in wanting to score this new Halloween film. Alan Howarth has done other music for Halloween movies in the past. He would be the perfect fit for this new film.

The feel I get from this, is that they really want to do this right, and that makes me a happy fan to hear. This is not a remake, or even a reimagining as they put it. It is picking up from the events from the original part 2. “Halloween 3”, I guess you could nickname it. While all of this sounds great to hear and very promising, I hope this does not turn out to be another let down. To many times there have been major hype, just to be disappointed in the end. But as I always do, I will give it the chance it deserves in the hopes that it truly does live up to it’s hype and the potential that I see here. So far I have no problems with it. I do think picking the right cast of characters for this is very critical. I have seen movies be ruined by the wrong choices in cast members in the past. They have already done some motion tests for potential Michaels, this will also be very crucial to the movies success. One worry I do have right now, is that to much detail will be given to certain areas while others could suffer, which could be a potential tipping point in how successful the film ends up being.

Halloween fans, or any franchises faithful followers don’t miss a trick, they see, hear and notice everything. I am one of those fans and will be watching, closely! There are some pretty hefty shoes to fill!

So make sure you get it done right!

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