Ghost Car Disappears During A Police Chase

This is a video that I remember watching way back in the day, and it always left me curious as to exactly what happened in the video.

At the time, all we knew was that a police officer was chasing a mysterious white car in Savannah, Georgia, and the driver was driving very erratically — almost as if the driver is taunting the officer.

At one point, the driver pulls off a 180 degree turn, and the driver’s-side window is in complete view, but you can’t see anyone driving the vehicle. That would be the beginning of the end of the chase, as the car sped away from the officer.

Eventually. the car went off-road, seemingly going through a chain-link fence, and the officer could do nothing but watch helplessly from the seat of his cruiser, as he was in complete shock as the car he was pursuing seemed to vanish without explanation right in front of his eyes.

You can watch the video below, which will probably leave you speechless:

That’s some pretty crazy stuff; right? All these years, I wondered about this video, and wanted to know exactly what happened that night.

Typically, paranormal videos don’t offer up much of a challenge, as they’re obviously (and painfully) fake, but this one just had something about it.

Well, I finally found the answer as to what happened.

It seems that the show, Fact or Faked, which is like Myth Busters, but for cases of the unexplained, actually featured the infamous ghost car clip on one of their episodes.

Check out what they were able to deduce:

And there you have it, fellow fans of the paranormal.

It may not be as cool as a ghost being behind the wheel of a car, and trolling the cops, but at least it’s an explanation as to exactly what happened that night in Savannah.

Wherever that driver is, he / she is an extremely lucky person, because it looks like it was just the perfect set of circumstances that allowed them to get away.

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