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The Hills have Eyes
Mr. Briggs Inc. Wrote:When I said doc I actually meant "doc," as in documentary, I didn't mind the dog being the hero... though I do think the humans could have done more >.> . And I find a lot of sequels to be worthy followups! I haven't seen Hills 2 (remake) but I think there are plenty of sequels that do do well!'s the very, very unpopular opinion, but I actually liked the original Hills Have Eyes 2 x.X .

I hear ya. I hate it when the protagonist just bend over & die. Who wants to watch that?? But I didn't have an issue with that in this movie. I think the fight was very balanced & for good reason. The family is on the mutants turf. So of course they're gonna have their asses handed to em. It ramps up the action, intensity, & it kept me entrigued. How the hell is this family gonna survive? The dog attacking was the turning point for this family where I actualy felt like they might have a chance of surviving lol Then the liberal anti gun & violence son in law just goes bazerk on the mutant family. Fuckin A! So much for being aganst guns, eh? Haha This character does a 180 and he is takin numbers. Meanwhile, little brother rigs this beautiful gas bomb in the trailer. Yeah so....I think the humans did theirshare of defense.
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I prefer the remake over the original.
True dat blue. Its a hell of a remake. French people know how to make some intense, wicked horror!
[SIZE="2"] Good dead are hard to find. - Fido [/SIZE]
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i really enjoyed this horror flick i didn't think it would be as good as i thought it was after i had watched it bear in mind though i still prefer and love the original.....easily 7/10 for the remake but like i noticed it being mentioned earlier in this thread michael berryman should have had some role great or small in this
LOVE these films,originals and remakes,films very close to my heart,hot women being raped by grotesque monster men. whats not to like
This remake easily blows away the original. This film's sequel, however, just as bad as the original part 2.
I'm not a huge fan of remakes for the most part, but I'd have to say that this flick is an exception for me.
I remember the original from way back and it doesn't measure up with the remake at all - other than for maybe the nostalgia.
The remake was gritty and raw. Exactly what a flick like this should be.
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Usually remakes dont do it for me, But this one is way better than the original.:pirate:
This is one of few remakes out there that approves on the original, making it a much superior film. to this day, i still dont know what was going through Cravens head when he wrote the sequel.

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