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Alright, simple request, why can't banks stock ATMs with $10 bills?
Okay, maybe I'm just naive here, but I've never had an ATM tell me it was flat out of money. Maybe that'd happen more often if they were stocked with all denominations of currency. Or hell, maybe if they were stocked with $1s to $100s, they'd be more enticing targets for Housebound-style thieves. But would it really ruin the system to make more ATMs able to dispense $10s alongside the $20s?

I donate plasma, which is a system that sets you up with your own prepaid card. It's rare to have an exact multiple of 20 (+withdrawal fees) in your account at any given time, but the system charges a fee every time you swipe your card, as well as inactivity fees, so I prefer to withdraw as much as I can early on. No dice. Right now I have about $10 left on that card on the dot; just a little under what I'd need in order to use it for my girlfriend and I's dinner, thanks to both the plasma company and the restaurant's withdrawal fees. Really, no biggie in the big picture, but for now, it's one frustration among several.
“The Fright Night remake is a film which taps into the audience’s deepest rooted fears, such as those of vampires throwing motorcycles at them. I dread the thought of a vampire throwing a refrigerator or a deskjet printer or... I’d better stop before I give myself nightmares”

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