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I wasn't sure whether to put this in horror media, or here. But thinking about it some, I believe Creepypasta may basically be a new generation of urban myth. There are many kids out there who legit believe in it, and it shares the tendency to work our nerves in the same simple-but-effective way, in spite of being less grounded in reality (maybe because it's more difficult to make reality scary when hatchet-murders and the like are more commonly reported today >.>).

In fact, one of my favorite is one of the most simple Pastas out there:

“The Fright Night remake is a film which taps into the audience’s deepest rooted fears, such as those of vampires throwing motorcycles at them. I dread the thought of a vampire throwing a refrigerator or a deskjet printer or... I’d better stop before I give myself nightmares”
Oh, shit. That's a good one!
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