Poll: Who wins?
Lipstick-faced demon
Mr. Babadook
Mutual destruction
Other (do tell!)
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Lipstick-faced demon (Insidious) vs. Mr. Babadook
Battle takes place on the astral plane.

Which tormenter can put up a better fight?
“The Fright Night remake is a film which taps into the audience’s deepest rooted fears, such as those of vampires throwing motorcycles at them. I dread the thought of a vampire throwing a refrigerator or a deskjet printer or... I’d better stop before I give myself nightmares”
I went into Dalton's room...there was something in there with him. It was standing there in the corner. I asked it "Who are you?" and it said it was a visitor. I said "What do you want?". It said "Dalton". I can still hear that voice. „
~ Lorraine on the Demon, when she saw him for the first time.

The Man with Fire on his Face, as Dalton calls him, also known as the Red-Faced Demon, the Lipstick-face Demon or simply the Demon, is a malevolent, supernatural demon that haunts and presumably controls the dark realm known as The Further and the main antagonist of Insidious.

The Lipstick-Face Demon is a tall, muscular being with black skin, coarse fur on his legs, dark cloven hooves and a devilish tail. His face is black with large tints of red because it paints lipstick all over his face. The Demon has long, spidery claws at the end of his fingers and has large, demonic yellow-gold eyes with black pupils. He is easily distinguished by his red-painted face and a crackling sound that occurs upon his presence.

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