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Found (2012)
Put off watching this one for a while out of the suspicion I'd be let down by its execution after hearing the exquisitely disturbing premise.

I was not disappointed. While not a gem in terms of suspense, Found had its moments, and really shined in its portrayal of family turmoil. Even parts of it not relating back to the main plot - the younger brother keeps finding severed heads in his older brother's closet - were uncomfortable to watch. One of the things that had me worried was the common complaint of poor acting. I won't lie and say the lead, Gavin Brown as Marty, was in the best tenth of kid performances I've seen, but he was good enough that he drew me into the film rather than distracting me. His narration was a little on the awkward, deadpan side, but he was playing a shy kid with family issues... who often are awkward and deadpan. The adult actors, I had little to no problems with. Ethan Philbeck, who plays the disturbed older brother Steve, steals the show.

Other standout points include a disturbing climax which I will not spoil, and a unique motivation for slasher, to say the least, which I also will not spoil.

It's worth the hype, and recommended. 7/10 material.
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I'm surprised you've started this topic, as I actually just added 'Found.' to my queue.
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