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Tuesday Knight Releases "Nightmare" Maxi Single!
Tuesday Knight Releases "Nightmare" Maxi Single!

I have some exciting NEWS for all you Nightmare on Elm St. fans!

In case some of you have not heard, Tuesday Knight, who played Kristen Parker in A Nightmare on Elm St. 4: Dream Master, released her single, "Nightmare" earlier this year! This song was known among fans as the movie's theme song.

Unfortunately, Tuesday Knight's single was not included on the official soundtrack for Nightmare 4, but it was not the only noticeable song missing from the official soundtrack. There were a few songs missing actually. Many NOES fans loved Tuesday's song and have been trying to get an official release for many years!

Well now is your chance!

You can obtain Tuesday Knight's EP ONLY through her website. There was only a limited number of copies of these EP's made. The last I heard back in late April, there were only 150 copies left. I believe the physical CD may be sold out by now, but check with her website for more details, link below. There is still hope, as the digital copy still looks to be available!

There were originally 2 options available -

- Digital Copy w/ Artwork

- Domestic and International CD Copies of the EP - Signed (Sold Out I Believe)

Order Here:!multimedia/c1182

Cost: Nightmare - Digital Copy w/ Artwork $20

Track Listing:

Nightmare (1988 Movie Version)
Nightmare (1988 Movie HQ Version)
Nightmare (Studio Version)
Nightmare (DJ Sasha Remix)
Nightmare (Instrumental)
Nightmare (The Flight Away)
Nightmare (TFA Instrumental)
Every Breath You Take (From the Hit TV Show "Profiler")
Ivory Tower (From The Motion Picture "Mad About You")
Maria (Acoustic / Dub Version)
Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? (Fromm 1987 Self Titled Album)
25 Cent Girl
Out of Control (Tuesday Morning Mix)

Other hidden bonus tracks!

[Image: image.png]

Sneak peek at some of the tracks:


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