Horror Movies – B


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2008 – Kane Hodder plays the role of real-life serial killer, Dennis Rader, also known as the B.T.K. killer in this horror film based on the real-life murders.

Babadook, The

2014 – After the death of her husband, a single mother finds her sanity slowly slipping away as her son is convinced there’s a monster in their home.

Babysitter Wanted

2008 –  A young woman is terrorized while babysitting overnight.


2008 – A group of colleagues on a corporate retreat realize that their outing is suddenly survival training upon learning they are not alone in the great outdoors.

Bad Kids Go to Hell

2012 – Students at a prestigious (and allegedly haunted school) are targeted one by one as they serve weekend detention.

Bad Milo

2013 – A young, stressed-out man, finds out that the stomach issues he’s been having lately is caused by a miniature demon living inside of him that comes to life whenever he’s stressed, and then “takes care,” of whatever is stressing his host out.

Bad Moon

1996 – A conflicted man may potentially find relief from his curse through his pet dog.

Bad Reputation

2005 – A student tired of being bullied for the wrong reasons decides to seek revenge.

Bad Taste

1987 – Aliens hunt humans and use their flesh for an intergalactic delicacy, in this comedy by Peter Jackson.


2012 – Shoppers are trapped inside a supermarket with very hungry and irritable sharks after a tsunami hits the coast.

Barrens, The

2012 – A family goes on a camping trip to New Jersey and realizes that one of the oldest urban legends may actually be true.

Basket Case

A young dork checks into a New York Hotel in order to go on a killing spree, along with his partner, a mysterious monster who hides in a wicker basket.

Basket Case 2

1990 – Journalists track the separated Siamese twins, while they are hidden in a special home for “freaks”.

Basket Case 3

1991 – Duane discovers that his deformed brother will be a father while the trust and bond between the two brothers is tested.

Bates Haunting, The

2012 – After her friend dies at a Halloween attraction called “The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride”, a young woman must solve the mystery behind her death.


1999 – When genetically mutated bats attack a small town, it’s up to a bat expert and the local sheriff to stop them.

Battery, The

2012 – Two former baseball players must survive a zombie apocalypse, and each other, while travelling through the outskirts of New England.

Bay, The

2012 – Found footage film where an ecological disaster causes the people of a small town to go insane and die. As the situation deteriorates, government forces arrive in an attempt to cover things up.

Beast Within, The

1982 – A woman raped on her honeymoon is forced to confront her ill son seventeen years later when he demands to find answers regarding his true parentage.

Beckoning the Butcher

2014 – A group of friends wants to make a video of them summoning a spirit, but when it works, they must try to survive.

Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

A documentary film crew follows a real-life slasher as he makes preparations to kill a new group of teens.

Bell Witch Haunting, The

Found footage film pieced together by cell phone and video camera footage. It documents a family’s fight for survival against an ancient demon.


2007 – A young woman returns to her hometown years after being involved in a car accident and must learn to deal with the nightmares that accompany her guilt.

Berberian Sound Studio

2012 – Set in Italy during the seventies. A sound engineer gets a job on a horror project and finds himself slowly consumed by the film.


2010 – Prequel to “Malevolence” has a deranged serial killer kidnapping a six year old boy and forcing him to witness his ghastly crimes.

Beyond, The

Italian horror film about a young woman who inherits an old hotel that just happens to be built over a doorway to hell.

Beyond Re-Animator

2003 – Dr. Herbert West is now in prison, but he’s not allowing that to hinder his research in finding a way to reanimate the dead.

Bikini Bloodbath

2006 – On their last day of high school, seven friends having a sleepover are oblivious to the murder spree on which a downtown chef has embarked.

Bikini Bloodbath Carwash

2008 – Sequel to “Bikini Bloodbath” has a group of co-eds putting together a carwash to raise money. They end up accidentally raising the serial killer chef from the dead!

Bikini Bloodbath Christmas

2009 – Final chapter in the “Bikini Bloodbath” saga has the killer chef returning once again to stalk a group of young women. The setting this time is a pot emporium during Christmas.

Bikini Girls on Ice

2009 – A busload of women’s soccer players breaks down enroute to a bikini carwash. The group takes refuge at an abandoned gas station and are stalked by a killer.

Billy the Kid Versus Dracula

1966 – Dracula heads to the old west in search of a bride. Once there he sets his sights on a young rancher. But her fiance, Billy the Kid, has other plans.

Birds, The

1963 – Alfred Hitchcock classic about a small California town terrorized by psychotic birds.

Birds II: Land’s End, The

1994 – When a young family vacations at an island summer home, the birds of the world go crazy.

Black Cadillac

2003 – Three men are involved in a sinister high-speed chase.

Black Cat, The

1981 – A man who shares a psychic connection with his cat decides to use the feline to seek revenge on his enemies.

Black Christmas

1974 – A serial killer with a split personality takes up shelter in a sorority house’s attic on Christmas Eve, and stalks the house’s residents one by one.

Black Christmas

2006 – A remake of the classic 70’s slasher film, a serial killer with a split personality stalks the girls at a sorority homes, and begins killing them off one-by-one on Christmas eve.

Black Roses

1988 – Demons posing as a rock and roll band hypnotize the locals.

Black Sabbath

1963 – A trio of horror tales involving a woman being terrorized on the telephone, a nurse who steals a ring from a corpse, and a tale of vampires.

Black Sheep

2006 – Horror/comedy where genetically engineered sheep terrorrize a New Zealand farm.

Black Sunday

1960 – An evil witch returns from the grave with a mission: to possess the body of her look-alike descendant.

Black Swan

A ballet dancer’s mind frays under the pressure of attaining a coveted role in Swan Lake.

Blackwater Valley Exorcism

2006 – A desperate family begs the local priest to perform an exorcism on their daughter, but he needs to save himself before he can fully save her.


1972 – In the year 1780, an African Prince is turned into a vampire by Count Dracula. He is sealed in a coffin and eventually awakens in 1970s Los Angeles.


1998 – Based on the Marvel Comics character about a vampire killer who is half man, half vampire.

Blade II

2002 – Blade joins forces with bloodsuckers in an attempt to rid the world of a mutated strain of super vampires.

Blade: Trinity

2004 – Blade joins a group of Vampire hunters called “The Nightstalkers” to battle his most powerful nemesis yet: Dracula himself.


1989 – Members of a country club are showing up in pieces (literally), and a small group of them set out to find the killer.

Blair Witch Project, The

1999 – A trio of young filmmakers venture in the woods in order to investigate the truth behind a rural myth: the malevolent Blair Witch.

Bless the Child

2000 – A little girl is kidnapped by Satan worshippers who wish to use her special powers to summon demonic forces. It’s up to the little girl’s aunt and an FBI agent to stop them.

Blob, The

1958 – Horror classic about a jelly-like creature that attacks a small town. The more the blob eats, the bigger it gets.

Blob, The

1988 – Remake of the original film takes the terror into the eighties with gory effects and violence. A blob from outer space attacks a small town and it’s up to a high school loner and a cheerleader to stop it.

Blood and Chocolate

2007 – A teenage girl must choose between the boy she loves or keeping a family secret.

Blood Creek

2009 – Two brothers become entangled in a mysterious cult with ties to Nazi Germany.

Blood Diner

1987 – Comedy cult-classic about a pair of cannibal brothers who murder people and serve the flesh in their diner. They also use the victims as blood sacrifices in an attempt to awaken an ancient Egyptian goddess.

Blood Dolls

1999 – A wealthy man invents a special kind of doll that is supposed to aide him in getting revenge on those who have wronged him.

Blood Feast

1963 – A caterer in Miami kills women and harvests their body parts to resurrect an Egyptian goddess.

Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat

2002 – For a new spin on a classic tale, a cannibalistic caterer is controlled by an Egyptian goddess to kill women and prepare their bodies for a ritualistic feast.

Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb

1971 – An Egyptian queen possesses a young girl. Blood Harvest (1987): A serial killer is slashing people’s throats in a tiny town.

Blood Hook

1986 – People are killed with a giant fish hook during the town’s annual fishing competition.

Blood Junkie

2010 – A group of teenagers find an abandoned building that holds a dark history.

Blood Rage

1987 – One twin is institutionalized for murder while his brother remains a free man, but he escapes 10 years later.

Blood Salvage

1990 – A crazy redneck kidnaps people and sell their organs on the black market.

Blood Sisters

1987 – A club’s initiation includes staying the night in an abandoned old brothel.

Blood: The Last Vampire

2009 – A vampire goes undercover at a military school in hopes of finding out which of her classmates is actually a demon in disguise.


2005 – A vampire teams up with vampire hunters in an attempt to find a man that raped her mother.

BloodRayne: The Third Reich

2011 – Rayne accidentally infects a Nazi soldier with her blood. Now, she must find the soldier and stop him, before he’s able to turn Hitler into a vampire.


1997 – A young lady fascinated by the morbid — tracks down the world’s most notorious serial killer, and they embark on a killing spree together.


2007 – A class takes a field trip to an African jungle to study a group of killer chimpanzees.

Bloody Homecoming

2012 – A group of friends is haunted by an accident that happened 3 years prior.

Bloody Pit of Horror

1965 – Unbeknownst to a group of models who think the castle they are in is abandoned, they are about to meet a possessed lunatic who believes he should protect the castle against trespassers.

Bloody Murder

2000 – A group of summer counselors are stalked by a masked killer.

Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp

2003 – A group of teens close a camp down and begin being stalked by a masked killer.

Body Bags

1993 – An anthology of short horror films hosted by horror legend himself, John Carpenter.

Bone Collector, The

1999 – A detective and his partner track a serial killer on a spree.

Bone Eater

2007 – An old Native American legend comes to life.


2001 – A ghost returns for vengeance on his killer.


2005 – A man terrorized as a child by the boogeyman tries to deal with the trauma as an adult.

Boogeyman 2

2007 – A woman with a fear of the boogeyman voluntarily seeks help at a psychiatric facility, only to discover that it may not have been the best idea.

Boogeyman 3

2008 – A woman witnesses an apparent suicide and tries to convince her friends that the boogeyman exists so they won’t fall victim.

Book of Blood

2009 – A paranormal investigator finds a house which is highway for souls to the afterlife.

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

2000 – A group of fans from the original film decide to hire a tour guide located in Burkittsville, Maryland, to view the areas where the original film took place. As you can imagine, things quickly begin to go awry for everyone involved.

Bordello of Blood

1996 – The Crypt Keeper introduces us to a tale featuring a place that’s a funeral parlor by day, but a vampire hangout at night.


2007 – A virgin is impregnated by a demon who controls her to go on a murder spree. Born Bad (2011): A woman learns her boyfriend has a dark side.


2007 – A professional thief must overcome several unfortunate situations to pull off a heist.

Bound to Vengeance

2015 – A kidnapped girl escapes her confines in the basement of her predator and decides to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Boy, The

2016 – A woman is hired to nanny a life-sized doll complete with a list of rules, but upon violating them, realizes that the doll may actually be more alive than he looks.

Boy Eats Girl

2005 – A boy resurrected from the dead tries his best not to consume his beloved girlfriend.

Brain Damage

1988 – A creature attaches itself to a man’s brain stem and demands human victims in exchange for euphoria.

Brain Dead

1990 – A man struggles to save himself from sinister technology.

Brain Twisters

1991 – Employees at a software company discover the games they have been manufacturing control the minds of their consumers.


1994 – A teenage video gamer plays a game where his victims are innocent, but then the game becomes all too real.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

1992 – Dracula visits London to seduce a man’s fiancé.

Breed, The

2006 – A group of friends discover that the island they thought was deserted, definitely is not.


1986 – A group of women are raped by something unidentifiable.

Bride, The

1985 – A doctor succeeds in creating the perfect woman… Or is she?

Bride of Chucky

1998 – Chucky finds himself resurrected by his past lover, Tiffany.

Bride of Frankenstein

1935 – Dr. Frankenstein builds his monster a mate.

Bride of Re-Animator

1989 – The good doctors aim to create the perfect woman.

Brides of Dracula, The

1960 – Van Helsing returns to Transylvania to kill Baron Meinster before he can get too close to his next victim.

Brood, The

1979 – A psychologist uses unconventional methods to aid his patients, but could his intentions be sadistic?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1992 – A teenage girl learns that she is her generation’s “vampire slayer”.


2006 – A man and a woman are held up in a motel room as the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur as the room begins to become infested with bugs.

Buried Alive

1990 – A adulteress fails to properly kill her husband, who digs himself out of his shallow grave and vows revenge.

Buried Alive

2007 – College students plan to party at an abandoned house, but things go awry when they find out that the land has been cursed.

Buried Alive II

1997 – A woman who inherits a large sum of money is poisoned by her lover, but she doesn’t actually die. When she awakes in her coffin, she claws her way out, and now it’s time for revenge.

Burning, The

1981 – A disfigured camp counselor seeks revenge on the teens responsible for his accident.

Burning Bright

2010 – A natural disaster hits, and a young woman and her little brother are trapped in a house with a veery hungry tiger.

Burrowers, The

2008 – In the Wild West, a group of brave men set out to rescue a group of settlers that disappeared. While they think that the reason may be due to hostile natives, they find out that it may be something more sinister.

Burying the Ex

2014 – After the death of his girlfriend, a young man finds himself in love with a new girl that appears to be his perfect match. However, his dead girlfriend, whom is now a zombie, might have something to say about their affair.


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