Horror Movies – C


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1984 – A string of murders begin to pop up in New York City, which lead people to believe that there may be a race of mutant killers living in the sewers.

C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud

1989 – A military experiment goes wrong, which leads to a group of super-human zombie-like creatures to be unleashed on a neighborhood.

Cabin Fever

2002 – A group of college students rent a cabin in the woods in hopes of escaping the stress of college life. That is, until they come into contact with a flesh-eating disease.

Cabin Fever

2016 – College students vacation to a remote cabin in the middle of the woods and come in contact with a flesh-eating disease. A remake of the original film, using the same script, but with a different director.

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever

2009 – The flesh-eating disease encountered in the original film begins spreading through-out town, and most notably, infects an entire high school that’s preparing for prom night.

Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero

2014 – A prequel to the original film, a group of friends decide to go on a cruise to a remote island. After they discover a research facility, they unleash a flesh-eating virus.

Cabin by the Lake

2000 – Stanley is an under-appreciated screenwriter that decides to start seeking inspiration for his films from his own murders he carries out at a nearby lake.

Cabin in the Woods, The

2012 – A group of five coeds travel to an isolated cabin to party. Unbeknownst to them, their deaths have been planned by an underground organization attempting to recreate horror tropes for a dark purpose.

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The

1920 – A hypnotist uses his power to get people to murder for him.

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The

2005 – A hypnotist tries to control every move of his victims, but does he really?

Call of Cthulhu, The

2005 – A man is sorting through his late uncle’s items when he discovers clues leading him to believe that there’s an ancient evil lurking in the depths of the sea.

Calling, The

2000 – A woman gives birth to the antichrist.

Campfire Stories

2001 – A forest ranger tells some teens a few scary stories around a campfire in this horror anthology film.

Campfire Tales

1991 – A group of teens on a camping trip encounter a hobo in the woods that agrees to tell them scary stories in exchange for sitting by their fire.

Campfire Tales

1997 – On their way home from a concert, a group of friends crash their vehicle in the middle of no where. While they await help, they entertain each other by telling scary stories.

Candy Stripers

2006 – College students find themselves trapped in a hospital that’s been overtaken by sexy aliens.


1992 – A woman investigates an urban legend that haunts the local projects.

Candyman: Day of the Dead

1999 – The Candyman sets out to convince one of his descendants to join him.

Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh

1995 – A young school teacher summons Candyman, suspecting he’s the one responsible for the murder of her father.

Cannibal Ferox

1981 – A group of cannibals in the Amazon jungle are out for revenge after their tribe was tortured by men looking to rob them.

Cannibal Holocaust

1980 – Footage is discovered of four documentary filmmakers who find themselves being brutally tortured by a South American tribe.

Cannibal Holocaust 2

1988 – A group of friends set out to find the whereabouts of a professor, but end up encountering some jewel thieves that have been torturing and killing native tribesman.

Car, The

1977 – A mysterious black car terrorizes a small town.

Card Player, The

2004  – A technologically advanced serial killer broadcasts his murders over webcam.

Carnival of Souls

1962 – After a car accident, a young lady finds herself being mysterious drawn to a carnival.

Carnival of Souls

1998 – As a young girl, Alex witnesses the rape and murder of her own mother by a man who was dressed as a clown. Now, as an adult, she finds herself being tortured by the memories of the event as the circus comes to town.


2000 – A government experiment goes wrong after a creature escapes from its confines. Now, a group of teenagers find themselves being stalked by the beast.


A homely teenager with a strict religious background is tortured when she has her first period without realizing why. To make things worse, at the same time, deadly telekinetic abilities bloom within her.


2002 – Carrie white is a socially awkward teenager that discovers she possesses telekinetic abilities. After constant bullying from classmates, and an overbearing mother, these feelings building up inside of her threaten to erupt.


2013 – A shy girl with an overbearing religious mother that finds herself on the outskirts of the popular social circle at school, discovers that she possesses telekinetic abilities. Once she’s been pushed too far, she decides to unleash her telekinetic abilities on her tormentors.

Carrie 2: The Rage

1999 – An outcast girl with telekinetic abilities finally unleashes her powers after being bullied too much.


2008 – Based on a true story, a group of friends on vacation encounter a killer in a mountain town, and they never return.

Case 39

2009 – A social worker helps out a girl that’s been seemingly abused by her parents. She soon discovers that this girl may not be so innocent herself.

Castle Freak

1995 – A man inherits a castle and moves his family into their new home. However, strange events begin to stir up in their new dwelling, which threaten his family.

Cat and the Canary, The

1927 – Family members get together in a mansion on the 20th anniversary of their relative’s death for a reading of his will.

Cat and the Canary, The

1939 – Madness and horror ensues when a family gets together on the 10th anniversary of their relative’s death for a reading of his will.

Cat and the Canary

1978 – A family gathers in a house for the reading of a dead family member’s will when they begin to be stalked by a murderer.

Cat People

1942 – A Serbian immigrant to the U.S. marries a local man, but is too haunted by old superstitions to consummate their relationship. Her constant discontent causes a real evil to develop within her.

Cat People

1982 – When a woman gets sexually aroused she finds herself embracing her animalistic side and turns into a panther.

Cat’s Eye

1985 – An anthology of three stories all seen through the eyes of a stray cat.


2007 – A young woman attends a party in the catacombs of Paris, which is home to 7 million dead bodies. After being lost in the labyrinth beneath the city, she begins to think she’s being followed by someone — or some thing.

Cave, The

2005 – A group of divers go into an underwater cave, but discover living creatures in the depths that are thirsty for blood.

Cell, The

2000 – A new, experimental technology allows people to enter the minds of others. An FBI agent decides to use this technology in order to enter the mind of a comtose serial killer, in an attempt to figure out where he’s hidden his latest victim that he’d kidnapped, but hadn’t murdered yet.

Cell 2, The

2009 – The Cusp is a serial killer that kills his victims, brings them back to life, and then kills them again. A detective must put herself in the mind of this mad man in order to save his latest victim from being killed over, and over again.

Cemetery Man

1994 – A man that works at a cemetery must kill the recently deceased when they return from the graves as zombies.

Changeling, The

1980 – A man stricken with grief moves into a new house, which he soon finds out is inhabited by ghosts.

Chernobyl Diaries

2012 – A group of vacationers hire a guide to take them into the abandoned city of Pripyat, which was evacuated after the Chernobyl disaster. However, they discover that they’re not alone in the town.

Cherry Falls

2000 – A murderer is on the loose in a small town, and he seems to be targeting virgins.

Child’s Play

1988 – All a young boy wants for his birthday is a Good Guy doll, which his mother gets him from a shady homeless man. They soon find out that the doll has been possessed by the soul of a serial killer, Charles Lee Ray.

Child’s Play 2

1990 – Following the events of the first film, Andy’s mom has been placed in psychiatric care, and he’s been placed in foster care. Even though he’s with a new family, and in a new house, Chucky is still hot on his trail, and seeks to possess Andy’s body.

Child’s Play 3

1991 – Andy, now a teenager, finds himself in military school. Once again, Chucky is after him, and his soul.

Children, The

2008 – Christmas may be the time for families to come together, but not in this horror film, as children begin to turn on their parents.

Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

1972 – A group of friends decide to dig up a corpse, in an attempt to perform a satanic ritual. However, they end up causing the dead to return from their graves.

Children of the Corn

1984 – A young couple find themselves stranded in a small town that’s been taken over by a group of deranged children.

Children of the Corn

2009 – A married couple, potentially on the verge of divorce, find themselves in a small town that’s inhabited by an evil cult of children.

Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return

1999 – Isaac has awakened from a coma, and the cult has plans to reform with their leader back in action.

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice

1992 – A journalist and his son decide to venture off to Gaitlin, but the murderous cult is still active, and walking among the rows.

Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest

1995 – Two children that used to be part of the cult in Gaitlin are taken to Chicago by an unwitting couple.

Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror

1998 – A group of college kids take a wrong turn that leads them to Gaitlin, the town that’s inhabited by the cult of killer children.

Children of the Corn: Genesis

2011 – A stranded young couple stumble upon an imprisoned child, which they try to free, but find out that the kid was held captive for a reason.

Children of the Corn: Revelation

2001 – After numerous failed attempts to contact her grandmother, a young lady decides to visit her grandmother’s apartment building, which has since been closed down. Now, it’s being ran by a group of sadistic children.

Children of the Corn: The Gathering

1996 – After falling inexplicably ill, all the children in a small town adopt murderous habits, killing any adults that get in their way.

Children of the Living Dead

2001 – A businessman has a plan to relocate bodies from a cemetery to a mass grave, so he can build his car dealership on the property. This causes the dead to rise from their graves, and they’re hungry for human flesh.

Chilling, The

1989 – Frozen bodies in a cryogenic shelter are thawed out and return to life. The only problem is, now they’re zombies.


2011 – A man is captured by a psychopath that makes him recant his past, revealing his darkest secrets to his captor, who says that the man had wronged him at some point in the past. The man tries to remember all of the wrong things he’s done in the past, before he loses all of his limbs.


1983 – The story of a nerdy boy and the love he feels for his first car. Unfortunately, this car is evil, and very possessive.

Christmas Evil

1980 – A man working in a factory suffers a mental breakdown, and decides to set out to kill those that he deems to be naughty while dressed as Santa Claus.

Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2

2011 – A technologically sound killer is back in action after nearly being killed in the first film, and he’s ready to continue his reign of terror.

City of the Living Dead

A reporter and a psychic must work together to close the gates of hell, which have been opened, allowing the dead to come back to earth.


2008 – A young man’s last night in New York City is supposed to be a night of fun, as his friends throw him a going away party. Things quickly go downhill when the city is attacked by a giant monster.


2014 – A father finds a clown suit and puts it on to surprise his son for his birthday, but things take a turn for the worst when he tries to remove the suit, and it won’t come off.


1989 – A group of young boys left alone in a house find themselves being hunted by a group of murderous psychopaths that escaped from a mental hospital, killed some clowns at a circus, and stole their costumes.

Cockneys VS. Zombies

2012 – A group of inept bank robbers must face off against hordes of the undead.

Cold Creek Manor

2003 – A couple decide to move into an old, rundown house in the country. They soon realize that this house may have a disturbing history, and the previous occupants haven’t moved out.

Collection, The

2012 – After escaping the deadly grasp of the killer known as “The Collector,” Arkin must help find a girl that’s been taken by the mysterious killer.

Collector, The

2009 – A desperate burglar breaks into the house of an employer in hopes of breaking into the man’s safe. After breaking into the home in the middle of the night, things quickly take a turn for the worst when he realizes he’s not alone in the home. Instead, a deadly killer only known as “The Collector,” has broken into the home.

Collingswood Story, The

A young girl and her boyfriend use webcams to stay in contact with each other, but the girl believes the new house she moved into is harboring a dark secret.

Combat Shock

1984 – A Vietnam veteran suffers from major bouts of PTSD on a daily basis, and begins to go insane from the many pressures he faces in his urban environment.

Conjuring, The

2013 – A desperate family being tormented by paranormal forces in their home contact famous paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren for help.

Conjuring 2, The

2016 – A single mother of four children seeks the aid of Ed and Lorraine Warren after a malevolent spirit invades their home.


2005 – A police officer seeks the aid of John Constantine, a man with supernatural abilities, to help her solve the mysterious death of her sister.


2013 – A rape victim contracts what she believes to be an STD, but it’s actually something a whole lot worse.

Cottage, The

2008 – Unwitting kidnappers cross paths with a psychotic farmer, and that’s when things get very interesting.

Count Yorga, Vampire

Modern day San Franciscans suspect that an acquaintance may be an old-school vampire, when female members of the group exhibit strange symptoms.

Cradle of Fear

2001 – An anthology horror film featuring five different tales, which star members of the band; Cradle of Filth.

Craft, The

1996 – Outcast teenagers begin to experiment with witchcraft, using their newfound abilities to effect anyone who troubles them.


The sadomasochistic son of a Nazi officer runs a hotel, in which he carries out a series of horrific murders.

Crazies, The

1973 – The military tries to contain an outbreak after one of their experiments is unleashed upon a small Pennsylvania town, which causes infected people to go insane, and eventually die.

Crazies, The

2010 – A mysterious toxin infects the water supply of a small town, which causes the locals to suffer from insanity.

Creeps, The

1997 – A mad scientist sets out to bring back all of the classic horror monsters, such as Dracula, the Wolfman, etc… He succeeds, but the monsters come back as shrunken versions of themselves.


1982 – An anthology horror film featuring five different tales of terror, drawing inspiration from 1950’s EC comics.

Creepshow 2

1987 – A followup to the original Creepshow, featuring three more horror-comic-inspired stories

Creepshow 3

2006 – An anthology horror film featuring five different tales of terror.


1986 – A race of small, furry aliens with a hunger for raw meat invade a small town, whose only hope is a duo of intergalactic bounty hunters

Critters 2

1988 – It’s Easter, and a cluster of crite eggs have been left behind on earth, which soon begin to hatch.

Critters 3

1991 – The crites invade a Los Angeles apartment building and havoc ensues.

Critters 4

1992 – The crites awake on a spaceship where they’ve been cryogenically frozen.


2009 – A documentary featuring two filmmakers that go back to their old neighborhood to try and uncover the mystery of a popular urban legend all the kids in the neighborhood were told, and the real-life disappearances of five missing children.


1987 – More than 60 years after his death, the spirit of famous occultist, Aleister Crowley, possesses the body of a University professor.


2005 – A group of high school friends introduce a new class mate to a game they play amongst themselves, in which the goal is to determine who’s the liar among them. The game, however, takes a sadistic turn which leaves each class mate battling for their lives.

Cube Zero

2004 – A woman is trapped inside of the cube, while an employee that watches over the cube sets out to try and rescue her.


1983 – A mother and son find themselves trapped in a broken down car in the sweltering heat while a St. Bernard infected with rabies tries to get to them.

Curse of Chucky

2013 – Things go awry when a wheelchair-bound young lady receives a mysterious package one day that contains a “Good Guy,” doll.

Curse of the Blair Witch

1999 – A documentary film based on the Blair Witch Project, and the lore surrounding it.


2003 – A werewolf is on the loose in Los Angeles, and those who have been attacked by it must kill the beast in order to return to human form.


1983 – Six people trying out for a role at a mansion find themselves being stalked by a masked murderer.


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