Horror Movies – D


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2002 – A biopic on the real-life serial killer; Jeffrey Dahmer.

Damien: Omen II

Damien is now 13-years-old and attends a military school, where he learns that he’s the son of the antichrist. While trying to come to terms with who he is, everyone in his way is taken care of by dark forces.

Dance of the Dead

2008 – It’s prom night, and the dead have risen from their graves. Now, the only people that can save the day are those who didn’t have a date for the prom.

Dark Half, The

1993 – An author’s alter ego may be coming to life and committing murder.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow

1981 – A group of men wrongfully murder a man, who has now come back from the grave and is ready for revenge.

Dark Shadows

2012 – A vampire has been set free after being imprisoned for over 200 years, and finds out that the world is drastically different. When he travels back home, he finds his home is practically in ruins, and his descendants are dysfunctional to say the least.

Dark Skies

2013 – A family finds their home life in turmoil as dark and unfortunate events begin to plague them. They soon realize that there’s something very dark, and supernatural at work.

Dark Water

2002 – A mother and her daughter move into an apartment building, and everything is going just fine at first. Soon, the apartment begins to start leaking, and water problems become a main issue. The mom soon begins to suspect that something supernatural is going on.

Dark Water

2005 – A mother and daughter move into a rundown apartment after a lengthy and painful custody battle. The mother soon realizes that the previous tenant may not be gone.

Darkness Falls

The spirit of a once kind woman who gained the nickname “The Tooth Fairy” haunts the town of Darkness Falls, taking on the role of her namesake, but killing any child who glances at her face. A grown survivor of her attacks returns to the town when a friend’s child is threatened with this fate.

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

With the living dead quickly overtaking the globe, two special police officers, a news reporter, and a chopper pilot take refuge in an abandoned mall for safety and comfort, only to experience continuing threats and loneliness eating at their sanity.

Dawn of the Dead

2004 – After a zombie outbreak occurs, a group of survivors find themselves taking refuge in a mall.

Day of the Dead

1985 – In an underground military research bunker established to combat the living dead, interpersonal conflicts and increasing hopelessness threaten to tear apart the last known safe place for the living.


2009 – The world has been overrun by vampires, but there’s just one problem: humans are almost extinct, which means there’s a very limited blood supply left. While a group of powerful vampires try to figure out how to fix this issue, a renegade group of vampires try to save mankind.

Dead, The

2010 – An American mercenary crash-lands in Africa and must fight his way through hordes of the living dead.

Dead 2: India, The

2013 –

An American engineer travels to India to rescue his pregnant girlfriend from the zombie plague sweeping the world.

Dead & Rotting

2002 – A witch sets out for revenge against three men that unwittingly aided in the death of her son.

Dead Air

2009 – A radio host helplessly listens from his radio station as a zombie outbreak brought on by terrorists occurs. Still, all he can think about is the safety of his wife and daughter.

Dead Alive

1992 – After being infected by a Sumatran rat-monkey, an older lady turns into a zombie and begins eating everything in sight.

Dead and Breakfast

2004 – When a group of friends spend the night at a bed and breakfast they think they’re safe, but they couldn’t be anymore wrong as they end up battling supernatural circumstances.

Dead and Buried

Visitors to the town of Potter’s Bluff are senselessly murdered by crowds of townsfolk. Sheriff Dan Gillis attempts to find out who is behind the slayings and why, but every lead seems to be quickly covered up.

Dead End

2003 – A family on their way to celebrate the holidays take a different, unfamiliar route, which leads them to encounter strange and supernatural circumstances.

Dead Hate The Living!, The

2000 – A group of filmmakers accidentally unleash hordes of zombies and must survive the onslaught of terror.

Dead Next Door, The

1989 – A government created “anti-zombie team” faces off against the undead, and a religious cult obsessed with protecting the zombies.

Dead Pit, The

1989 – A maniacal doctor and his hideous experiments are entombed in the basement of an old mental hospital. Twenty years later, an earthquake sets them free.

Dead Silence

2007 – A young man returns to his hometown after the mysterious death of his wife, which he believes may have something to do with a deceased ventriloquist, whom some say was a witch.

Dead Snow

Horror Comedy has a group of medical students terrorized by Nazi zombies during a ski vacation.

Dead Snow 2: Red VS. Dead

2014 – A survivor from the first film continues his fight against the Nazi zombies. This time he enlists the help of a group of zombie enthusiasts.


2011 – A pair of zombies take a road trip in search of a past love. Along the way they are pursued by agents who work for a ruthless company.

Deadly Blessing

1981 – After her husband dies, a young woman is increasingly terrorized by a religious sect that her husband once belonged to.

Deadly Friend

Teen cybernetics genius Paul Conway moves befriends a local abused girl named Samantha. When Samantha is killed by her father’s violent outburst, Paul resurrects the girl with an AI system from a robot of his creation, but is left uneasy by her new, erratic behavior.

Dead Zone, The

1983 – David Cronenberg directs this Stephen King story about a man who awakens from a coma with psychic powers.

Deadtime Stories

1986 – Horror anthology has an uncle babysitting his nephew and telling the boy three horrific fairy tales.

Deadtime Stories

2009 – Horror legend George Romero presents three tales of horror in this anthology film.

Deadtime Stories 2

2011 – George Romero returns to host three more horror tales that deal with trapped hikers, jilted teenage love, and murderous rage.


2015 – A group of unwitting metal fanatics form their own band, and accidentally unleash hell on earth when they are given some music notes, and decide to play them.


2004 – Horror comedy has two horny college students trying to lose their virginity. Much to their horror, they soon discover that some beautiful girls on campus aren’t human.

Decoys 2: Alien Seduction

2007 – A group of college friends make a bet to see how many women then can sleep with. Unfortunately for them, the women turn out to be evil aliens!

Deep Red

1975 – After a famous psychic is murdered, a musician and reporter team up to solve the mystery. Along the way, they are stalked by the deranged killler.

Deliver Us From Evil

2014 – Loosely based on true events. A New York cop investigates a series of demonic crimes plaguing the city.

Dementia 13

1963 – After a woman murders her husband, she makes her way to the family castle. She convinces the family he is still alive so she can get her inheritance. But as dark secrets are revealed, a killer strikes!

Demonic Toys

1992 – A police woman, a delivery man, and a criminal are trapped in a haunted toy warehouse. The woman must battle not only the evil toys, but a demonic presence that wants to be reborn through her unborn child.

Demonic Toys: Personal Demons

2010 – A group of oddity collectors find themselves trapped in an ancient castle haunted by the demonic toys.


1985 – A group of people find themselves trapped in a movie theatre after members of the audience are possessed by demons.

Den, The

2013 – A woman studying the habits of webcam users witnesses an online murder, and finds herself trapped in a nightmare of terror.

Dentist, The

1996 – A dentist goes crazy after discovering that his wife is cheating on him. He takes out his sick need for torture on his unsuspecting patients.

Dentist 2, The

1998 – A crazed dentist escapes from a mental hospital and settles in a small town. Once again he is sent over the edge and targets his patients for death.

 Descent, The

A group of explorers are stalked by hideous creatures that live in underground caves.

 Descent Part 2, The

A survivor from the first film is forced back into the caves by authorities to assist in a search for missing people.


2006 – Stephen King adaptation has a group of people kidnapped by a small town sheriff possessed by an ancient evil.


2010 – After being trapped in an elevator, a group of people soon realize the devil is among them.

Devil Inside, The

2012 – Found footage film about an American woman who travels to Italy to make a documentary about her supposedly possessed mother.

Devil Seed

2012 – A young college student is impregnated by a demon. As the spawn inside her grows, she becomes more evil.

Devil’s Chair, The

When a young couple explore an abandoned asylum, the woman is killed by unseen forces. Her boyfriend is blamed for the murder and eventually returns years later with his doctor to figure out what happened.

Devil’s Due

2014 – A young newlywed discovers she is mysteriously pregnant. As her actions turn darker and more violent, her husband discovers that the thing inside her is not a normal baby.

Devil’s Pass

2013 – A group of students head to a mountain pass in Russia to make a documentary. They are determined to investigate the mysterious deaths of Russian hikers years before.

Devil’s Playground

2010 – During a zombie apocalypse, a mercenary hunts down the one person who can cure the outbreak.

Devil’s Rejects, The

2005 – Rob Zombie’s sequel to “House of 1000 Corpses” has the deranged Firefly family evading police across Texas.

Die! Die! My Darling!

1965 – A woman is terrorized by the mother of her recently deceased fiance’.


2007 – A young man under house arrest begins to think his next door neighbor is a murderer. He enlists the help of his friends to find out.

Disturbing Behavior

1998 – A group of high school misfits uncover a conspiracy to turn troubled teens into model students.

Dog Soldiers

2002 – During a training exercise, a group of soldiers come across an army of werewolves.


2009 – Horror comedy has a group of men coming across a town where all the women have been turned into man-hating cannibals.

Dollman VS. Demonic Toys

1993 – A survivor from the first ‘Demonic Toys’ teams up with Dollman to battle the evil toys in this horror crossover.


1987 – During a raging storm, a group of people take refuge in an old mansion. Once inside, they find a mysterious couple and lots of murderous dolls.

Dolly Dearest

1991 – After an ancient evil is unleashed from its crypt, it targets a nearby toy factory. From there it enters the doll of a little girl and immediately terrorizes her family.

Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist

2005 – Original version of ‘Exorcist 4’ details the very first exorcism that Father Merrin (from the original) dealt with in Africa.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

2010 – A young girl is sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend. Once there, she accidentally releases hideous creatures sealed in a pit in the basement.

Don’t Go in the House

1979 – A young man goes on a murderous rampage with a flamethrower after being abused as a child by his mother.

Don’t Go in the Woods

1981 – A group of tourists find themselves being stalked by a psychopath in the woods.

Don’t Go in the Woods

2010 – Band members decide to head into the woods in hopes of writing some new material. Instead, they find themselves in a living nightmare.

Don’t Open Till Christmas

1984 – A man in a Santa Claus suit goes around murdering people in London.

Don’t Torture a Duckling

1972 – It’s up to a reporter and a young woman to figure out a series of child killings in a small town.

Donner Pass

2011 – Tragedy strikes when a group of friends decide to go through the Donner Pass.


A group of Marines investigate strange happenings at a research facility on Mars, but find themselves under attack by mysterious creatures.

Dr. Caligari

1989 – Dr. Caligari has some very questionable methods, and it’s up to her own daughter and son-in-law to stop her from harming anymore patients.

Dr. Giggles

A doctors pays a visit to the same in which his father was murdered, and begins killing the residents. He becomes particularly interested in a young girl that has a heart condition.

Dr. Jekyll and My. Hyde

1920 – A doctor experiments with ways to unveil the darker side of man that lurks within us all. By doing this, he ends up releasing the monster in himself.

Dr. Phibes Rises Again

1972 – Dr. Phibes is back, and he’s searching for the Scrolls of Life, which holds the power to bring his dead wife back.


1931 – Dracula is in London and has his sights set on the beautiful, young Mina.


1992 – Dracula travels to England in an attempt to seduce a young woman, Mina, and he’s willing to destroy anyone who gets in his way.

Dracula 2000

2000 – Thieves break into a chamber thinking they’re going to get their hands on some valuable paintings, but instead awake Dracula himself. Now that Dracula’s awake, he’s ready to find the daughter of his ancient nemesis, Mary Van Helsing.

Dracula 3000

2004 – An interstellar salvage crew comes across a derelict vessel, which unbeknownst to them houses a hungry vampire who wishes to find his way to Earth.

Dracula Untold

2014 – Vlad Tepes is under immense pressure, as the Turks are advancing on his kingdom, his family, and his people. He feels he has no options left, so he becomes a monster that even his people fear, so he can save everyone.

Dracula VS. Frankenstein

1971 – Dracula seeks out the aid of a mad scientist in hopes of reviving Frankenstein’s monster.

Drag Me To Hell

2009 – A young loan officer finds herself being cursed by a Gypsy, after refusing to grant her an extension on her loan.


2003 – A group of friends with unique abilities have a get-together at a remote cabin in the woods. Their vacation turns deadly when alien entities show up uninvited.

Driller Killer, The

1979 – A struggling artist goes crazy while trying to make a living, so he takes to the streets and begins killing people with a drill.

Dunwich Horror, The

1970 – A man obtains the Necronomicon and has horrible intentions.

Dunwich Horror, The

2009 – A man with evil intentions obtains the Necronomicon, and now it’s up to a group of people to stop him.


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