Horror Movies – E


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Ed Gein

2000 – A movie based on the real life serial killer, Ed Gein.

Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield

2007 – A movie based on the real life serial killer, Ed Gein. The role of Gein is played by horror legend, Kane Hodder.

Eden Lake

2008 – A couple decides to have a romantic getaway at Eden Lake, when some wild teens try to spoil the fun. The couple refuses to be ran off by the teens, and that’s when things get taken to a whole new level.

Eight Legged Freaks

2002 – A chemical infects poisonous spiders, which causes the spiders to grow to massive proportions.

Elvira’s Haunted Hills

2001 – Hilarity and cheesy horror shenanigans ensue when Elvira, whom is on her way to Paris, spends the night at a haunted castle.

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

1988 – A horror hostess of terrible B-movies is surprised to find out that she’s just inherited a rundown mansion in a small town. While trying to make the mansion suitable for living, an evil uncle she never knew before has other plans.

End of Days

1999 – Satan is on the hunt for a bride in the huge city of New York, but an ex-cop with an elite squad plans on stopping the unholy union.

Entity, The

1982 – An invisible entity has the power to sexually abuse a woman. Supposedly based on a true story.

Entity, The

2015 – A group of students discover a tape that is supposedly cursed, and causes anyone who watches it to meet an untimely demise.


1977 – A businessman in a dreamlike period of an uncertain future must confront his fears, particularly that of fatherhood for a severely deformed infant

Ernest Scared Stupid

1991 – An ugly troll is on the loose with a goal to transform children into wooden dolls. It’s up to Ernest to save the day.

Event Horizon

1997 – A spaceship went into a black hole and completely disappeared off of the radar. To everyone’s surprise, the ship returns, and a rescue crew sets out to investigate. However, they soon discover that the ship has returned with something on board.

Evil Bong

2006 – A group of stoner college students order a massive bong with magical powers. It turns out that the bong is evil, and whoever smokes from it gets sent to an alternate reality, and they’re trapped there.

Evil Bong 2: King Bong

2009 – The group of stoners from the original film embark on a journey into the jungle’s of South America in an attempt to find a cure for the ailments they seem to have attracted after smoking weed from Eebee, the evil bong. However, hidden in the jungles is something much worse than: an ultra powerful bong, known only as King Bong.

Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bong

2011 – An alien bong comes to our planet, and our usual gang of stoners are captured, and sent to a holding cell at the alien’s planet. Eebee, the original evil bong, must fight this new alien force, or else the new alien bong will claim world dominance.

Evil Bong 420

2015 – Aging stoner, Rabbit, escapes from the Evil Bong’s world, and managed to open a bowling alley. Little does he know, Eebee and Gingerdead Man are hot on his trail.

Evil Bong: High 5

2016 – Eebee is back and seems to be more powerful than ever. She’s successfully captured everyone that stands in her way, including a lobotomized Gingerdead Man, and now she’s setting her plan in action for world domination.

Evil Dead, The

1981 – Five friends drive to a cabin in the Tennessee woods to hang out. After one finds and plays a tape of an archaeologist reading from a Kandarian book of the dead, evil spirits are awakened, and attempt to possess and kill the friends.

Evil Dead

2013 – A girl tries to kick her drug habit at an isolated cabin in the middle of the woods while accompanied by her friends, and her brother. After a bit of exploration in the cabin, they discover a book that possesses the power to bring demons into our world.

Evil Dead II

1987 – After escaping the wrath of the Deadites, Ash Williams cannot find his way back home, and joins with a deceased archaeologist’s cohorts attempting to retrieve his work, in an attempt to survive another ordeal with the evil spirits.

Evil Dead Trap

1988 – A woman takes a camera crew out to a location where a snuff film had been reportedly filmed. The girl ends up running for her life when her entire camera crew is killing off by a small creature.

Evil Dead Trap 2

1992 – A female projectionist begins to go insane, and goes on a killing spree.

Evil Inside, The

2011 – At a sleepover with her friends, a young girl has visions that her friends will die. The guests quickly begin to turn on each other, and the girl tries to determine whether or not something much darker is at play.

Evil Woods, The

2007 – A group of fans go camping in the woods, and are startled when a stranger comes along, warning them of a murderous ghost that haunts the woods.


1995 – A high school gamer is dubbed the winner of a video game tournament, and is presented with a real-life robot as his reward. The robot is equipped with numerous weapons, and fires harmless projectiles at players. However, the robot has a passion for winning, and his actions become increasingly more violent. The teenager quickly realizes he’s competing in a game with life or death consequences.


2012 – A mentally disturbed high school student strives for a career in medicine, but more than that, she strives for her mother’s approval.


2014 – A couple of actresses sign up for an extra role in a horror film at an abandoned hospital. They soon discover that this horror film is like none other before it.


2015 – A group of teens release an evil spirit with a goal to possess them.


2011 – A secretive family refuses to leave their home, viewing the outside world as poison. However, they view their own home as prison, which eventually gets to their heads, giving way to violence.

Exorcism of Emily Rose, The

2005 – A lawyer takes on a case defending a priest that performed an exorcism on a young girl that died during the ritual.

Exorcism of Molly Hartley, The

2015 – A sequel to The Haunting of Molly Hartley, this film picks up years later. Molly is now an adult, and has become possessed by a demon, which must be exorcised by a faithless priest before it’s too late.

Exorcist, The

1973 – Chris Macneill’s daughter Regan exhibits disturbing behavior after using a ouija board. When scientific attempts to cure Regan fail and her symptoms become less explicable by medicine, Chris contacts Father Damien Karras, a priest doubting his faith, in hopes of performing an exorcism.

Exorcist II: The Heretic

1977 – Regan discovers that the demon that possessed her when she was a child still lurks inside of her.

Exorcist III, The

1990 – Detective Kinderman from the original film begins to investigate a series of murders that remind him of the ‘Gemini Killer,’ whom is already deceased. The investigation leads him to a psych ward, where he encounters a very familiar face that has him questioning whether or not the killing are the work of a man, or of something much worse.

Exorcist: The Beginning

2004 – Before performing an exorcism on Regan MacNeil, Father Lancast Merrin first encountered the demon, Pazuzu, in East Africa. This is the story of his first meeting with the demon.


2014 – While vacationing at a cabin in the woods, a group of friends encounter an alien visitor.

Eye, The

2002 – A blind girl receives an implant that allows her to see again. Unfortunately, she gets more than she bargained for when she’s able to see dead people.

Eye, The

2008 – In this American remake of the original film, a young woman receives an eye transplant that allows her to see ghosts.

Eye 2, The

2004 – When a pregnant woman attempts suicide and fails, she gains the ability to see paranormal beings.

Eye 3, The

2005 – A group of friends visit a man in Thailand who possesses a book that instructs readers how to see ghosts.


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