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Faces of Death

1978 – A compilation of shocking footage featuring supposedly real-life deaths.

Faces of Death II

1981 – The series continues in the same vein as the original film: a compilation of supposedly real death scenes.

Faces of Death III

1985 – Another installment in the popular franchise which features numerous death scenes.

Faces of Death IV

1990 – A collection of videos featuring different death scenes.

Faces of Death V

1995 – A collection of highlights from the previous films in the series.

Faces of Death VI

1996 – A collection of the “best,” scenes from previous installments in the franchise.

Facez of Death 2000

2000 – A collection of scenes featuring real death.

Faculty, The

1998 – A group of high school students begin to realize that their school is being overtaken by deadly alien forces.


2002 – A detective investigates a string of deaths that seem to occur after people visit a website known as feardotcom.


2005 – Bar patrons try to secure their surroundings and survive an attack against monsters.

Feast II: Sloppy Seconds

2008 – The survivors from the first film travel to the next town over and team up with locals in an attempt to survive the monsters.

Feast III: The Happy Finish

2009 – A group of survivors from the previous film encounter some new, unique people that they team up with to battle the deadly beasts once and for all.


2006 – In the world long after a zombie outbreak, a family’s pet zombie escapes the home and runs wild

Final, The

2010 – A group of high school students seek out revenge on fellow classmates that torment them.

Final Destination

2000 – On a plane set to take his class on a senior trip, a high-school student experiences a vision prophesying the plane’s explosion on takeoff. He panics, and he and six others are removed from the plane, saving them from the disaster. However, the force of death attempts to kill the seven who escaped through a series of “accidents.”

The Final Destination

After a premonition saves a group of eight from a fatal disaster at a racetrack, the spirit of death chases the survivors down to put its plans back on track.

Final Destination 2

2003 – After a premonition saves her and eight others from a disastrous car crash, Kimberly Corman fears that she is still fated to die, pursued by death’s disembodied presence.

Final Destination 3

2006 – High school students avoid a fatal rollercoaster crash, after a girl has a deadly premonition. Shortly after, the students begin to realize that they were never meant to survive, and death begins to stalk them.

Final Destination 5

2011 – A group of people survive a bridge collapse, but find out that you can cheat death.

Final Girls, The

2015 – Years after her mother’s death, the daughter of an actress watches a theatrical re-release of the cult slasher that made the mother famous, only to find herself trapped in the film’s world, where her and her friends’ presence begins to change events


2006 – A lady returns to her hometown in Texas to find out that her small town is harboring a very dark secret.


1984 – A pyrokinetic girl and her father attempt to escape the clutches of The Shop, a secretive government research branch

Firestarter 2: Rekindled

2002 – A young lady possesses the power of pyrokinesis, which is the ability to start fires with the mind. Most of her life has consisted of running away from a government agency that wants to use her as the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. The leader of this organization has founded a group of children that all possess special powers of their own, and he’s willing to use them in order to get what he wants.

Flesh Eaters, The

1964 – A group of people find themselves stranded on an island, and struggling to survive. To make matters worse, the water seems to be infected with some sort of flesh-eating disease.

Flight of the Living Dead

2007 – A zombie outbreak occurs on a plane, which leaves those on board struggling to survive until they reach their destination.

Fly, The

1958 – A scientist’s wife attempts to save her husband, when a mishap involving an experimental teleportation device leaves him with a housefly’s head, arm, and burgeoning instincts

Fly, The

1986 – Infatuation blooms between reporter Virginia Quaife and Seth Brundle, the inventor of a prototype teleportation chamber. However, when a fly creeps into Brundle’s chamber as he’s testing the process on himself, he finds his body steadily taking on insect-like characteristics.

Fly II, The

1989 – The son of the inventor turned fly-hybrid is contained and tested upon when he begins to develop characteristics of a fly as well

Fog, The

1980 – A chronicle of the town of Antonio Bay as a fog rolls into town on its 100th anniversary, carrying with it the ghosts of traveling lepers, sunk by the town’s founders.

Fog, The

2005 – A mysterious fog begins to roll into town, as do vengeful spirits hidden in the fog that are out for blood against the descendants of four men that wronged them.

Forest, The

2016 – A woman travels to the infamous suicide forest located in Japan in an attempt to find her twin sister that’s come up missing.

Forget Me Not

2009 – It’s graduation week, which should be cause for celebration among high school seniors. However, Sandy and her group of friends seem to be targeted by a vengeful spirit.


2012 – A horror-loving boy finds out that his older, ill-tempered brother is a local serial killer, who keeps his victims’ heads in a bowling ball bag


1931 – A doctor restores life to a stitched together human body, only to find the creation too strong, and too simple to coexist


2007 – A sheriff of a small town realizes his worst fear when his psychotic son escapes from a mental hospital.


1932 – A wealthy dwarf in a traveling freak show is seduced by an immoral trapeze artist, who plans to murder him

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

1991 – In the near future, Freddy Krueger has killed nearly all the children in the town of Elm Street and driven the adults insane. The last hope of killing him for good lies with the murderer’s only child

Freddy vs. Jason

2003 – Two horror icons finally collide! Freddy Krueger, having lost much of his power, when the citizens of Springfield decided to simply forget about him, recruits another evil to do his work for him until he can regain his power. Jason Voorhees!  But once Jason starts killing Springfields teens, he can’t stop. Freddy and Jason engage in the ultimate bloody showdown to determine the true horror icon!

Friday The 13th

1980 – Camp Crystal Lake has a terrible past. One that the locals just wanna forget.  The locals warn everyone to stay away. But no one heeds their warning. They wanna reopen the camp again. But one by one the campers are picked off by a mysterious person whos determind to keep the camp closed forever.

Friday The 13th (2009)

2009 – When his sister mysteriously goes missing at Camp Crystal Lake, her brother Clay will stop at nothing to find her. But he finds more than he bargained for when he and a group of partying teens  find themselves  stalked by the hockey masked wielding Jason Voorhees!

Friday The 13th: Part 2

1981 – A group of fresh faced nubile young teens show up to camp to be rained to be the new camp counselors. Under the tutelage of Paul Holt, the head counselor, the teens find themselves in for the night of their lives.  Paul warns them of the legend of a boy who drowned and a murderous, vengeful mother. That Jason came back for revenge against those who killed his mother. What they don’t know, is the legend is real.

Friday The 13th: Part 3

A group of young adults on vacation run afoul of the still-living Jason Voorhees in the former Camp Crystal Lake

Friday The 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter

Jason Voorhees, having barely survived his last encounter, returns with his sights set on another group of vacationers in Crystal Lake, as well as a local family and a previous victim’s vengeance-driven relative

Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning

A childhood survivor of Jason’s last rampage struggles with his sanity when he’s forced to return to the former Crystal Lake campgrounds, now a rehab center

Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Tommy Jarvis returns to the grave of Jason Voorhees to set fire to his corpse. However, he inadvertently reanimates the corpse of the unstoppable killing machine, and must do whatever it takes to stop him.

Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Jason Voorhees is resurrected from his watery grave by a disturbed young woman with telekinetic powers, and resumes his killing spree at Crystal Lake. Now, it’s up to the girl to harness her powers and use them to defeat the monster she awoke.

Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

As a group of high school kids take a school trip to Manhattan, Jason Voorhees climbs aboard and wreaks havoc.

Fright Night

1985 – A teenage boy attempts to prove that he and his friends are in danger, when a man he discovers to be a vampire moves in next door

Fright Night

2011 – A teenager begins to suspect that his new next door neighbor is a vampire, so he seeks out the aid of a famous horror television host.

Fright Night 2

2013 – A group of students study abroad in Romania, only to discover that their sexy teacher is a vampire.

Fright Night Part 2

1988 – Having survived the events of the previous film and undergone intensive therapy, Charley Brewster no longer believes in the existence of vampires. When a relative of the vampire he last encountered seeks him out for revenge, it’s up to his cohort and former skeptic Peter Vincent to rescue him

Frighteners, The

1996 – A real-life psychic who happens to run a phony exorcist scam finds himself and his ghostly friends targeted by a malicious, death-dealing spirit


1972 – A photographer meets an old-money family living near a swamp, when a series of coordinated animal attacks endangers everyone present

From Dusk Till Dawn

1996 – A duo of bank-robbing brothers takes a family hostage in their attempt to make it across the Mexican border, only to run afoul of a seedy nightclub staffed by demonic vampires

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money

1999 – A group of bank robbers find themselves hold up in the Titty Twister, which is, of course, infested with vampires.

From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter

1999 – This is the origin story of the sexy vampire Salma Hayek played in the original film: Satanico Pandemonium.

From Hell

2001 – A fictionalized account of the Jack the Ripper murders, based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore

From a Whisper to a Scream

1987 – An anthology centered around the cursed town of Oldfield, and the supernatural events taking place within it across the years

Frozen, The

2012 – A couple wreck on their snowmobile and find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, and must battle the elements. Still, that’s just the least of their worries when they find themselves seemingly stalked by a hunter in the woods.

Funhouse, The

1981 – A deranged man in a Frankenstein mask stalks four teenagers that decide to spend the night in a carnival funhouse.

Funny Games

2007 – Two psychotic men break into a family home and take a family hostage.


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