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Near Dark

1987 – A young man encounters a young lady that inadvertently turns him into a vampire, and now he must join her traveling clan of blood suckers. Meanwhile, his family desperately begins to search for him.

Near Death

2004 – Ghost hunters disrupt evil spirits inside of a haunted mansion.


2009 – Four people use a tattooed ouija board.

Needful Things

1993 – A new shop opens in a sleepy town, which always seems to have what you’re looking for… But for a price.


2010 – A killer uses an ancient torture device on college students.


1987 – A man that’s responsible for cleaning up after accident victims steals a human corpse, and brings it home for himself and his wife’s own sexual pleasure. Things go awry when the man begins to get jealous over the corpse, believing his wife enjoys the corpse more than him.

Nekromantik 2

1991 – A necrophiliac nurse tries to had her morbid fetish from her boyfriend.

Neon Maniacs

1986 – When a cabal of neon-skinned killers from various eras stalk the city of San Francisco, a teenage survivor from one of their massacres and her new friends must find a way to stop them.

Nest, The

1988 – An experiment goes awry, causing meat-eating roaches to invade a small town; killing everyone in their path.

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

2010 – An extensive documentary looking back at each film in the popular horror franchise: A Nightmare on Elm Street.


2013 – A girl visiting her father discovers that he may have some dark secrets.

New Daughter, The

2009 –  A single father begins to notice his daughter’s strange behavior.

New Nightmare

1994 – Heather Langenkamp is forced to take on the role of Nancy from the A Nightmare on Elm Street films one last time in order to stop Freddy Krueger from entering our world.

New Year’s Evil

1980 – A radio station host receives a phone call on New Year’s Eve with the person on the other line saying that as the clock strikes midnight in different time zones, ushering in a new year, a life will be claimed for each one, and the reign of terror will conclude with her own death.

New York Ripper, The

1982 – A serial killer walks the streets of New York, and it’s up to a worn-out detective and a psychoanalyst college student to track them down.


An anthology of four unrelated horror tales, featuring a homicidal maniac, a sentient arcade boss with control over the real world, a driverless black pickup truck, and a pack of giant rats.

Night of the Comet

1984 – A couple of valley girls must survive after most of the planet turns into flesh-eating zombies.

Night of the Creeps

1986 – A couple of college students trying to get into a fraternity to impress girls set out to steal a corpse, but end up unleashing a deadly parasite that turns people into zombies.

Night of the Demon

1980 – A professor and his students seek Bigfoot, but discover something much worse.

Night Of The Demons

1988 – At a Halloween party taking place at an abandoned mansion, teenage partygoers are possessed and murdered by demons one by one.

Night of the Demons

2009 – A group of people go to a Halloween party, but end up unleashing demonic forces.

Night of the Demons 2

1994 – A group of high school students attend a Halloween party at Hull House, which is still possessed by demons.

Night of the Demons 3

1997 – A group of unsavory characters accidentally shoot a police officer. With the cops hot on their trail, the group holds up in Hull House, which is still home to demon, Angela Baker.

Night Of The Hunter, The

An executed bank robber’s children try to honor his final request: keeping his loot hidden away, when a homicidal reverend who shared the man’s cell tracks his family down and woos the children’s mother.

Night of the Lepus

1972 – Blood-thirsty rabbits begin to terrorize the southwest.

Night Of The Living Dead

1968 – A woman come to a cemetery in order to pay her respects to a relative, is forced to take refuge with others in a nearby farmhouse when the dead begin to rise in droves.

Night of the Living Dead

1990 – A woman holds up in a farmhouse, along with other survivors after a zombie outbreak occurs.

Night of the Living Dead 3D

2006 – A group of survivors during a zombie outbreak hold up in a farm house and must survive against droves of the undead.

Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation

2012 – A mortician accidentally re-animates the bodies of the dead, which leads to a fight for survival.

Night of the Scarecrow

1995 – Drunk teens inadvertently set free a warlock, which takes on the form of a scarecrow, and is out for revenge.

Night Stalker, The

Newspaper reporter Karol Kolchak comes to believe that a string of murders taking place in Las Vegas are the work of a vampire.


1990 – A man finds himself attracted to a place known as Midian, which is home to monsters that are hiding from the rest of humanity.

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film

2009 – A documentary film looking back at the history and popularity of horror films.

Nine Dead

2010 – Nine strangers are kidnapped and must die every 10 minutes.

Ninth Configuration, The

1980 – A new commander arrives at an insane asylum and attempts to rehabilitate the patients.

No One Lives

2012 – A gang kidnaps a couple, but they get a lot more than they expected when the kidnapped man is an expert killer.


An ordinary man unknowingly allows a vampire passage into his home town.

Nurse 3D

2013 – A nurse lures cheating men to their death.


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