Horror Movies – O


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2013 – A young woman sets out to prove that a supernatural force was behind the deaths of their parents, and not her brother who was convicted of the murder.


2009 – A forest dwelling group of cannibals, once thought to be exterminated, intrudes on a small town.

Old Dark House, The

Vacationers in Wales seek refuge from a heavy storm inside a gothic mansion, home to the highly dysfunctional Femm family and their alcohol-crazed butler.

Omen, The

1976 – After a series of macabre events, a prominent American diplomat slowly becomes convinced that his adopted child is the antichrist.

Omen, The

2006 – A father begins to realize that his son may be the antichrist.

Omen IV: The Awakening

1991 – When a couple of attorneys adopt a young girl, they begin to expect that she may be the antichrist.


2013 – A man working as a restaurant critic gets the unique chance to dine with cannibals.

Once Bitten

1985 – In order for her to keep her beauty, a vampire countess needs to drink the blood of a virgin. The situation is looking pretty dire, until she runs into Mark Kendall.

One Dark Night

A psychic is one of several victims found dead under mysterious circumstances in his own apartment. However, his power survives beyond death, and threatens to kill a sorority pledge dared to spend a night in the funeral home.

One Missed Call

2003 – People start to receive calls from their future selves, detailing the violent ways in which they’re going to die.

One Missed Call

2008 – People begin receiving mysterious calls from their future selves, which go into great detail about their own violent deaths, and when they will occur.

One Missed Call 2

2005 – People begin to receive supernatural calls from their future selves once again, and the spirit on the other line give them details of their impending death.

One Missed Call Final

2006 – A bullied girl finally snaps, and decides to curse her classmates. They each begin to receive calls from their future selves, giving them details of their own impending deaths. Will they be able to beat the curse before it claims their lives?


1964 – A couple of women must sell belongings of the slain dead in order to survive. However, mistrust begins to develop between the two, and that’s when things get very interesting.

Open Water

2003 – A couple of scuba divers find themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean after their tour boat inadvertently leaves them behind. Unfortunately, these waters are infested with man-eating sharks.

Open Water 2: Adrift

2006 – Some friends sailing in the middle of the ocean neglect to lower the ladder on their boat, so they can’t get back on board. Now, they’re stuck in the middle of the ocean with hungry sharks surrounding them.


1987 – An opera singer finds herself being stalked by an obsessed fan that will do anything to claim her for himself.


1977 – A killer whale helplessly watches as his mate and child day at the hands of a fisherman. Now, the whale is out for revenge.


2009 – A family adopts a malicious girl with a viciously-kept secret journal into their home.

Others, The

2001 – A woman living with her children in an isolated home begins to believe that her home is haunted.


2008 – A serial kidnapper of women finds himself being hunted down by the family of his latest victim.


2014 – A girl records herself playing with an ouija board, and then dies under mysterious circumstances. Now, her friends set out to play the ouija board themselves, in hopes of getting some answers.


2008 – A group of mercenaries are hired to go on a mission to investigate an ancient WWII bunker, which should definitely be some easy money. What they uncover is something horrific that none of them could have ever imagined.


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