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2007 – A work-a-holic decides to work late on Christmas Eve, rather than spending time with her family. When it’s time to leave, she finds herself captured by a man that has some Christmas plans of his own.

Pact, The

2012 – A young girl begins to think her house is haunted after a string of very unfortunate events.

Pact II, The
2014 – A woman begins to have terrifying dreams of a serial killer. However, she begins to come to the conclusion that her dreams may be more connected to reality than she ever thought.

2009 – A group of people awake on a spaceship and have no recollection of who they are, or what they’re doing there.

Paranormal Activity

2007 – A young adult becomes determined to film the paranormal activity surrounding his girlfriend, even when it becomes clear that his efforts at documentation are worsening the situation.

Paranormal Activity 2

2010 – A family believes that their house is being broken into, so they set up some security camera. What they discover instead is their worst nightmare.

Paranormal Activity 3

2011 – Taking place in 1988, this is a prequel to the original film.  We see the origins of Katie and Kristi, as they befriend an entity living in their home.

Paranormal Activity 4

2012 – Five years after the events of the original film in which Katie killed her boyfriend, Micah, her sister, Kristi, her sister’s husband, Daniel, and also stole their child, Hunter. Now, we see a new family in a new home that seems to be experiencing odd happenings ever since a mysterious woman and her child move into their neighborhood.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

2014 – A man fights to uncover the mystery behind a mysterious entity and its intentions, before it takes possession over him.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

2015 – A family armed with a special camera that can reveal ghosts must do battle against an entity before it takes their daughter.

Paranormal Entity

2009 – A man is accused of the rape and murder of his sister, but this footage proves that something paranormal was responsible for the death of Samantha Finley.


1978 – A man in a coma possesses telekinetic powers that he uses to kill.

Penny Dreadful

2006 – A young lady goes on a trip with her therapist in order to overcome her fear of cars. That’s when her worst fears begin to come true.

People Under the Stairs, The

1991 – After hearing rumors about a stash of gold coins, a boy breaks into the house of a rich couple. What he discovers living under the stairs, and inside the walls, is a very sinister secret that’s been well-hidden by the couple.

Pet Sematary

New in town and suffering from numerous tragedies, the Creed family patriarch repeatedly succumbs to the temptation to utilize a Micmac burial ground with the power of resurrection.

Pet Sematary II

1992 – After the death of his mother, teenage boy Jeff is scooped up by his father and they move to the same town from the original film. After hearing about the power of the ancient Indian burial ground, a sinister thought begins to emerge in his mind.


1979 – A tween boy must deal both with the fact that the brother who raised him alone wishes to leave home, and the fear of a mysterious mortician who spirits away the dead for his own purposes.

Phantasm II

1988 – Mike has now been released from a psychiatric hospital, and teams up with his old pal Reggie to stop the Tall Man.

Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead

1994 – Mike and Reggie continue their hunt for the Tall Man, while picking up some helpful new friends along the way.

Phantasm IV: Oblivion

1998 – Mike finds himself traveling through time and space to track down the Tall Man.

Phantasm: Ravager
2016 – Reggie, along with his old friends Mike and Jodie, sets out for his final battle against the Tall Man, which leads him to question everything he’s ever known.

1998 – 350 people have come up missing, and 150 have come up dead in a small town in Colorado. Still, this is only the beginning.


1985 – A young girl possesses an amazing ability that allows her to communicate with insects. It just so happens that this unusual talent could possibly help solve a string of murders.


1982 – A murderer wreaks havoc on a college campus, and is using the body parts of his victims to put together the ultimate jigsaw puzzle.


1998 – A young man finds himself being tortured by a sadist in a pig mask.


1988 – A perfectionist doctor teaches his children lessons via throwing his voice through an anatomy doll. While the sister develops in a fairly normal manner, her brother grows up obsessed, believing the doll is truly alive.

Pinnocchio’s Revenger

1996 – A defense attorney’s daughter comes across a Pinnochio doll that was evidence in a horrific crime. The girl adopts the doll, considering it a birthday present, and strange things begin to happen.


1978 – Piranha are accidentally released into the river, and begin attacking anything and everything in sight.

Piranha Part Two: The Spawning

1981 – A scuba diver, her boyfriend, and an ex-police chief must do what they can to stop a mutant killer strain of piranha.

Piranha 3D

2010 – An underground tremor sets loose thousands or pre-historic ravenous piranha that can’t wait to sink their teeth into beach goers.

Piranha 3DD

2012 – A waterpark owner finds his watery sanctuary being overrun with pre-historic piranha.

Pit and the Pendulum

1961 – A curious brother gets more than he bargained for when he begins to investigate the mysterious death of his sister.

Pit and the Pendulum, The

1991 – Set during the Spanish Inquisition, a young woman is accused of being a witch. It’s up to her lover to try his best to save her.

Pitch Black

2000 – A spaceship crash lands on a mysterious planet, with most passengers on board dying upon impact. They soon realize that they’re on a planet which has been overrun with blood-thirsty creatures that only hunt at night. Unfortunately, a month-long eclipse is about to take place.

Plan 9

2015 – Aliens travel to Earth with the intent to end humankind.

Plan 9 from Outer Space

1959 – Aliens resurrect the dead from their graves, as well as vampires, in an attempt to keep humanity from inventing a devastating bomb that could destroy the universe.

Planet Terror

2007 – A government experiment goes wrong, which turns people into flesh-craving zombies. It’s up to a group of radical survivors to battle the undead.


2006 – A group of friends wanting to celebrate spring break find themselves in trouble when they encounter a truck-driving killer.


1982 – A family is terrorized by ghosts invading their home.


2015 – Ghosts take a young girl captive, and it’s up to her family to save her.

Poltergeist II: The Other Side

1986 – The Freeling family from the original film may have moved to a new home, but the ghosts seem to have followed them.

Poltergeist III

1988 – Carol Anne is now living with her aunt in a high-rise. Unfortunately, she’s still being haunted by supernatural forces that are looking to claim her.


2008 – A small town plays host to a viral outbreak.


1991 – A group of film students decide to put on a horror movie marathon at a local theater, but the production is cursed by someone that’s killing the kids off one-by-one as the movies play on the big screen.

Possession of Michael King, The

2014 – A man is hellbent on proving that ghosts don’t exist, so he decides to open himself up to demonic possession.

Poughkeepsie Tapes, The

2007 – Investigators find tons of videos tapes left behind by a serial killer. This film is compiled of the shocking footage.

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

2006 – Chickens return from the grave and set out to kill fast food workers that cook and serve chicken.


1987 – An elite group of commandos on a mission in a Central American jungle find themselves being hunted by an extraterrestrial force.

Predator 2

1990 – An elite alien hunter is loose in Los Angeles, and preys on the people in the city.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

2016 – Five sisters in 19th century England find themselves trying to survive against the undead.

Prince of Darkness

1987 – A sinister secret in the basement of an abandoned church could literally mean the end of the world.

Prom Night

1980 – Four girls find themselves being stalked by a killer that wants to take them out one-by-one on prom night.

Prom Night

2008 – A young girl’s family is killed by a psychotic teacher. Now, years later, she’s hoping she can put her past behind her, and enjoy her high school prom with her friends. That is, until the killer breaks out of jail, and decides to attend the prom, as well.

Prom Night II

1987 – In 1957, prom queen Mary Lou was killed by her boyfriend. Now, thirty years later, her spirit is back, and is out for revenge.

Prom Night III: The Last Kiss

1990 – A murdered high school girl returns from the grave, and she uses hypnotic powers to possess another student to help her exact her revenge.

Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil

1992 – A psychotic ex-priest sets out on prom night to kill sinful high schoolers.

Prophecy, The

1995 – Archangel Gabrial returns to Earth in hopes of collecting a soul that will be able to end the stalemate in the war between Heaven and Hell.

Prophecy II, The

1998 – Archangel Gabriel returns to the world in hopes of destroying the human race.

Prophecy 3: The Ascent, The

2000 – A half-man/half-angel is forced to confront the angel of genocide: Pyriel.

Prophecy: Forsaken, The

2005 – A group of renegade angels are hell bent on ending the world, and all that stands between them is a young woman, Allison.

Prophecy: Uprising, The

2005 – Renegade angels are after an ancient manuscript, and it’s up to one woman to protect it.

Prowler, The

1981 – A group of college kids are being stalked by a killer in World War II Army attire.


1960 – A meek hotel manager and his maniacal mother cross paths with an embezzler and her relations.


1998 – A young woman that just embezzled a great deal of money arrives at the Bates Motel, which has some dark secrets of its own.

Psycho II

1983 – Norman Bates has been rehabilitated and released back into society. As he tries to reclaim his life, and move on, his past comes back to haunt him.

Psycho III

1986 – Norman Bates has a love interest, which has made his mother insanely jealous.

Psycho IV: The Beginning

1990 – Norman Bates recants his entire childhood with a radio host.


1988 – A pulse of electricity has the ability to make its way into peoples’ houses, and it’s taking over appliances. Some people are killed by the sinister pulse of electricity, while some are just terrorized by it.


2001 – A group of friends begin to believe that spirits are trying to make their way into the real world via the internet.


2006 – A computer hacker discovers a mysterious signal that may allow the spirit world to interact with our own. Now, it’s up to a group of friends to stop the evil from taking over the entire world.

Pulse 2: Afterlife

2008 – Ghosts have found a way to make it into our world via the internet. Now, a father must protect his daughter from the evil spirit of his ex-wife.

Pulse 3

2008 – In a world that’s been taken over by the dead, a girl sets out to find her internet boyfriend.


1988 – When a group of city kids accidentally kill his son, rural storeowner Ed Harley visits a witch in order to invoke the indestructible demon of vengeance: Pumpkinhead.

Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings

1993 – A group of teenagers accidentally resurrect Pumpkinhead, and are stalked by the supernatural monster.

Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes

2006 – Locals in a small, backwoods town resurrect Pumpkinhead to hunt down and kill a shady mortician.

Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud

2007 – A man finds himself in love with a young woman, but their two family’s have been in a long-standing feud with each other, making it a forbidden love. He sets out to seek the aid of the vengeful demon, Pumpkinhead.

Puppet Master

A group of psychics visit a hotel for the funeral of a colleague, only to be killed off throughout the night by puppets, given life by a deceased alchemist.

Puppet Master II

1990 – The puppets target a group of paranormal researchers, aiming to collect their brain tissue so Toulon can create a a way to reanimate the dead.

Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge

1991 – Knowing that Toulon has the ability to bring inanimate objects to life, Nazis try to hunt him down.

Puppet Master 4

1993 – A young scientist finds himself under attack by odd little creatures. His only hope is a mysterious case filled with puppets.

Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter

1994 – The puppets must face off against their most powerful foe yet, as a Demon God emerges.

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

2010 – This installment of the series takes place during World War 2. A young man’s family is attacked by the Nazis, whom have also kidnapped his girlfriend. The puppets are his only hope to stop the their reign of terror.

Puppet Master X: Axis Rising

2012 – The nazis have used a serum to create invincible soldiers, and puppets of their own. It’s up to toulon’s puppets to eradicate them.

Puppet Master: Axis Termination

2016 – It’s up to the puppets and a few supporters to take down the Nazis once and for all.

Purge, The

2013 – The Government has sanctioned an annual event which legalizes all criminal activity during a 12-hour period. This event is known as The Purge, or Purge Night. On this night, a wealthy family finds themselves being targeted by a gang of masked killers.

Purge: Anarchy, The

2014 – Groups of survivors run into each other on the streets and try to work together in order to survive Purge Night.

Purge: Election Year, The

2016 – A Presidential candidate vows to put an end to Purge Night if he’s elected. This makes him a prime target on the night of the annual Purge.

Pyramid, The

2014 – A group of researchers find a lost pyramid. Upon entering it, they find themselves being hunted by an evil creature.


2000 – A military plane transporting a large, man-eating snake crashes in a small town. The locals must do what they can to survive against the man-eating reptile.

Python 2

2002 – A former mercenary and his wife must do battle against a giant snake.


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