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2014 – A group of friends on their way to the coast get stranded at a small town after a storm interrupts their adventure. This town seems very welcoming at first, but something may not be right.

Sacrament, The

2013 – A man, followed by a team of reporters, travels across the world to a place known only as “Eden Parish,” to find his sister that left everything behind in hopes of finding paradise with other likeminded individuals. It becomes increasingly evident that “Paradise,” may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

Sacrifice, The

2015 – A dark entity that haunts a Chicago home searches for its next sacrifice in the family that just moved in.

Salem’s Lot

1979 – Ben is an author that believes a house in his hometown may be the home of a vampire.

Salem’s Lot

2004 – An author, Ben Mears, returns back to his hometown, only to find out that the town has quite the vampire problem.


2006 – A woman awakens at work unharmed and is forced to relive the day she was brutally murdered.

Sand Sharks

2012 – A tropical paradise turns into hell when a deadly shark terrorizes the beaches, and has the ability to swim in sand.

Santa’s Slay

2005 – An angel and a demon had a bet with each other, in which the demon lost, and was forced to kindly deliver toys to all the boys and girls of the world for Christmas. Now, the deal has expired, and the demon, played by wrestling legend, Bill Goldberg, is pissed off and out for blood.

Satan’s Little Helper

2004 – A serial killer takes a young, naive boy under his wing, and uses him for his own sinister plans.

Satanic Rites of Dracula, The

1973 – Scotland Yard police think they’ve recently discovered a legitimate case of vampirism, and enlist the help of Van Helsing himself to track down the perpetrator.

Saturday the 14th

1981 – A family moves into a house that’s already been inhabited by creatures.

Saturday the 14th Strikes Back

1988 – Eddie and his family move into a new, decrepit house. They soon find out that the house was built on top of an evil passageway, and there’s evil contained within its walls.

Savage Island

2004 – A family feud turns deadly when a married couple returns to a secluded island to announce they are pregnant.


2004 – Two men are chained in a large bathroom as subjects for an unconventional serial killer. The two are given the chance to escape via cutting off their feet, whilst one is warned that he must kill the other, or his family will be killed when time expires.

Saw II

2005 – Jigsaw is back, and this time he’s taken multiple people as his next test subjects, and placed them in a rundown house. One of the people just happens to be the son of a corrupt detective. With deadly nerve gas rapidly spreading through-out the house, it becomes a race against time for Detective Eric Matthews to figure out where the house is that contains his son.


2006 – A young doctor must try her best to keep Jigsaw alive until his latest test subject completes a gauntlet of challenges.

Saw IV

2007 – Even though Jigsaw is dead, the games still continue. This time, Lieutenant Rigg must play a deadly game in order to save the lives of two of his colleagues.

Saw V

2008 – After the death of Jigsaw, Detective Mark Hoffman is being looked at as a hero by nearly everyone — except Agent Strahm. While Agent Strahm delves into Hoffman’s past, a group of test subjects must play a deadly game.

Saw VI

2009 – Agent Strahm is now dead, which leaves FBI agent Erickson rethinking the trust he’s place in Mark Hoffman. Meanwhile, an insurance agent and his colleagues must take part in Jigsaw’s new game.

Saw 3D: The Final Chapter

2010 – Everything is coming to a head between Mark Hoffman and Jill Tuck, as they battle it out over Jigsaw’s legacy. Meanwhile a group of survivors from past games seek solace in Bobby Dagen, a famous author who says he’s a fellow survivor of Jigsaw’s deadly games, but his claims lead to a very deadly game.


1981 – Scanners are a group of people with extraordinary psychic powers, and have formed an underground group that’s intent on taking over the entire world. When a scientist discovers a new scanner that’s went unnoticed by the underground group, he sends him out in hopes of destroying the other scanners before it’s too late.

Scanners II: The New Order

1991 – A crooked politician has a plan to take power with the help of evil scanners.

Scanners III: The Takeover

1991 – A villainous scanner must battle her own brother, as he’s the only one powerful enough to stop her evil intentions.


2002 – A high school teenager who is a social outcast is murdered by his own mother’s boyfriend, but the murder is covered up and made to look like a suicide. The boy’s soul inhabits a scarecrow and sets out to get revenge.


2013 – Six high school students are serving detention during the high school scarecrow festival, and come face-to-face with pure evil.

Scarecrow Gone Wild

2004 – During spring break, a scarecrow wreaks havoc on a small town.


1988 – A gang of 5 criminals hijack an airplane and force the pilot and his daughter to drive them to Mexico. Things go awry when they end up in a graveyard inhabited by killer scarecrows.

Scarehouse, The

2015 – A group of friends are invited to a party inside of a Halloween funhouse, only to discover that the hosts’ intentions aren’t just to party.

Scars of Dracula

1970 – A young man goes on the hunt for his brother after he came up missing in a small town.

Scary Movie

2000 – This satire pokes fun at the expense of late-90’s slasher films, such as Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer just to name a few.

Scary Movie 2

2001 – In the sequel to the wildly popular satire film, Scary Movie, this film focuses more on poking fun at paranormal films, such as The Amityville Horror, Poltergeist, and The Exorcist.

Scary Movie 3

2003 – Aliens are trying to take over the world, but not if Cindy can help it.

Scary Movie 4

2006 – Cindy discovers the house she lives in is actually haunted by a little boy, so she sets out to find out why. Meanwhile, aliens are trying to invade the world.

Scary Movie 5

2013 – After bringing their niece and nephew into their home, a young couple sets up numerous cameras around their home in an attempt to capture paranormal activity.


2008 – An ancient pestilence has been unleashed on a town, and their only hope is our young heroins Scott and Jesse.

Scouts Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse

2015 – A group of scouts need to save their town from a zombie epidemic.


1996 – A high school girl and her friends are being picked off by a masked serial killer that seems to draw inspiration from horror films.

Scream 2

1997 – Sidney Prescott, now a college student, is trying to get her life back on track after the murders that plagued both herself, as well as her friends. However, someone new is dawning the Ghostface costume, and killing people connected with Sidney.

Scream 3

2000 – Stab 3, a horror film that’s being filmed based on the Woodsboro murders is now under production, but a killer dawning the Ghostface costume is killing off people connected with the film, as well as people connected with the Woodsboro murders. This is enough to draw Sidney Prescott out of seclusion, which is exactly what the killer wanted the entire time.

Scream 4

2011 – After a decade, Sidney Prescott, now a famous author, has been able to put her life back together. She decides it’s now time to visit her hometown, as well as some of her family and friends, but the past isn’t finished with her yet, as the Ghostface killer is back.

Scream And Scream Again

1970 – Police track a sadistic serial killer to the house of a mad scientist.

Scream Of The Banshee

2011 – An archaeology professor accidentally unearths an artifact that releases a creature that kills its victims with a scream.

Screaming Dead

2003 – A group of people explore an abandoned insane asylum only to discover its torturous history.

Seamstress, The

2009 – The seamstress came into existence after being conjured by an innocent woman that was being tortured before her death. Now, the spirit is out for blood.

Seasoning House, The

2012 – Deep in the woods, a young disabled girl is sold as a caretaker. She must gather all of her strength in order to survive the situation.

Second Coming, The

2014 – When their daughters behavior turns violent, a family is forced to confront their demons to save them.

Seconds Apart

2011 – Telepathic twins that have the ability to make people live out their worst nightmares are forced to confront their mistrust of each other.

See No Evil

2006 – A group of delinquents are sent to clean up a hotel for community service. Unfortunately, a serial killer with a massive physique calls this hotel his home, and he doesn’t take too kindly to sinners in his building.

See No Evil 2

Jacob Goodnight’s body has been transported to a nearby morgue. Meanwhile, friends of one of the morgue-workers are currently planning a surprise birthday party at the morgue. Unfortunately for them, the real surprise is that Jacob Goodnight isn’t dead.


2006 – When a man is bound and buried alive, he returns from the grave and seeks revenge against his attackers.

Seed 2

2014 – Serial killer, Max Seed, is back, and this time he’s after a group of girls traveling through Nevada.

Seed of Chucky

2004 – Chucky and his bride, Tiffany, must come to terms with the fact that they’ve had a child they never knew about. Meanwhile, their child must come to terms with his… or her… gender.

Self Storage

2013 – A security guard at a storage facility invites some of his friends over to party the night away, but when they discover something in one of the storage lockers, everything changes.

Sentinel, The

1977 – A young model gets her own apartment building, separate from her lover. However, there’s something not quite right about this apartment, nor any of its inhabitants that seem to want to drive the young lady to suicide.

Serpent and the Rainbow, The

1988 – An anthropologist decides to travel to Haiti after he’s heard about a drug that has the ability to turn people into zombies.

Session 9

2001 – A cleaning crew are menaced by strange occurrences, as well as personal turmoil, when they are hired to remove asbestos from an abandoned mental hospital.

Seventh Sign, The

1988 – After disasters begin to take place around the globe, people suspect that the Apocalypse is near. If this is the case, the fate of the world lay on the shoulder of one girl.


2006 – While in the build as part of a team-building exercise, a group of sales representatives find themselves being hunted down.

Shadow of the Vampire

2000 – A fictionalized account of the making of 1922’s Nosferatu, imagining actor Max Schreck as an actual vampire cast by a dangerously eccentric Wilhelm Murnau

Shallow Ground

2004 – A naked teenager shows up a Sheriff’s station with only a knife in his hand. While investigating this mysterious boy, a crazy mystery begins to unravel involving numerous disappearances in the area.


2005 – Inmates and guards in a maximum security prison are trapped and must discover the secret behind shapeshifting in order to save themselves.

Shark Attack

1999 – A string of brutal shark attacks take place in a small fishing village in Africa. One of the victims was a friend of a marine biologist, who is now on the hunt for the predator responsible for the death of his friend.

Shark Attack 2

2000 – The mutant sharks from the original film are back, and this time they have a new village to terrorize.

Shark Attack 3: Megalodon

2002 – A couple researchers find a massive shark tooth off of the Mexican coast, which leads them to discover an absolutely enormous predator that feeds on anything in its path.

Shark Night 3D

2011 – A group of friends enjoy a getaway at a lake house until a cluster of shark attacks threaten to put an ends to their vacation — and their lives.


2013 – A hurricane strikes in Los Angeles, which sets loose tons of sharks that are able to inhabit land, sea, and even the air.

Sharknado 2: The Second One

2014 – A hurricane hits New York, and Sharknadoes are in the forecast.

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

2015 – A spree of Sharknadoes begin to devastate the east coast.


2010 – A half shark, half-octopus creature terrorizes Mexico. It’s up to a scientist to stop it.

Shaun of the Dead

2004 – Two lackey friends must team up to survive a zombie outbreak in their town.

She Wolf

2013 – A serial killer by the name of She Wolf is on the loose, and preying on any men that get in her way.

Shining, The

1980 – An author decides to take a job as a caretaker of a hotel during the winter months, in which the hotel is closed to the public. He believes the seclusion will allow him to concentrate on a novel he’s writing, but once he and his family move into the hotel, cabin fever begins to take hold.

Shining, The

1997 – A made for TV adaptation of Stephen King’s novel

Shock Waves

Shipwrecked vacationers are menaced by a platoon of undead superhuman soldiers created by the Nazis.


1989 – After being sent to the electric chair, everyone thought that they’d seen the last of serial killer, Horace Pinker. However, he’s come back from the dead in the form of electricity, and plans on continuing his deadly murder spree.


2003 – A group of friends at a ski resort begin to get killed off one-by-one by a killer in a ski mask.


2007 – A group of friends are on the hunt for some psychedelic mushrooms in the woods of Ireland, but they’re being hunted, as well.

Shrunken Heads

1994 – three teens are resurrected by a Voodoo priest as floating heads with paranormal abilities, in hopes of taking vengeance on the gangbangers who killed them


2004 – A photographer and his girlfriend begin to think that they’re being haunted by a tragic event that took place in their past, when their photographs have mysterious shadows in them.


2008 – After being involved in a tragic accident, a newlywed couple begin to notice that some of their photographs seem to be haunted by an unknown being. Thinking that it could have something to do with the accident, they begin to investigate further, and that’s when things get very interesting.

Sick Girl

2007 – A young girl frustrated with all of her responsibilities blows off steam by killing people.

Sickhouse, The

2008 – A deranged 17th century scientist returns to finish his experiments underneath an abandoned orphanage in London.


2002 – M. Night Shyamalan brings the suspense with a family who discovers ominous crop circles on their farm.

Silent Hill

2006 – A woman searches for her adopted daughter in a very strange, desolate town in West Virginia.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

A girl on the run from her past gets her world turned upside down when her entire live begins to unravel.

Silent House

2011 – A girl becomes trapped inside of her family’s lakeside home, and can’t seem to contact the outside world due to paranormal forces.

Silent Night

2012 – A deranged serial killer dressed up as Santa Claus begins to terrorize a town and their inhabitants on Christmas Eve.

Silent Night, Bloody Night

1972 – A killer strikes at a rural mansion with a dark history, holding a grudge against the townsfolk attempting to sell the property

Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming

2013 – A young man inherits a house from his grandfather, only to discover a maniac lives inside.

Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival

2015 – Two women travel for a funeral and learn a disturbing town legend.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

1984 – A man donning a Santa Clause outfit wreaks havoc on a town as he suffers from PTSD after witnessing the murder of his parents as a child

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

1987 – The Santa Claus killer’s brother, twisted both by his brother’s crimes and a harsh upbringing, descends into madness leading into a killing spree of his own

Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out!

1989 – A clairvoyant girl attains a psychic link with the second Santa Claus killer, woken from a coma via an experimental procedure

Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker

1996 – A toy maker makes toys specifically designed to kill customers and their children.

Silent Retreat

2016 – A group of marketing professionals on business retreat in an isolated lodge, formerly a mental hospital, discover a killer with ties to the location is amongst them

Silver Bullet

1985 – A paralyzed boy in a motorized wheel chair must face off against a werewolf that’s picking off the residents in his neighborhood.


2012 – An author moves his family into a home in which mysterious murders took place in an attempt to solve the mystery and write a book on the situation. Unfortunately, he finds out that some mysteries are better left alone.

Sinister 2

2015 – The Deputy, having survived the events of the first film, attempts to stop Baguul from destroying another family

Sixth Sense, The

1999 – A child psychologist helps a boy who sees spirits that do not know they are dead.


1993 – Giant mutant mosquitos swarm a town after a company is caught illegally disposing their toxic waste.

Skeleton Key, The

2005 – A caretaker for an elderly couple discovers that a Voodoo curse may be afoot at the couple’s plantation home

Skinned Alive

1990 – A family of lunatics skin their victims.


2006 – Two packs of werewolves are at a war with each other, when both of them set their sights on a mother and son. Each group seems to have different intentions for the pair.

Skull & Bones

2007 – Two friends decide to “teach a lesson” to a fellow classmate of theirs, and rape him, however, bite off a bit more than they can chew when he dies.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

2006 – A peek into the mind of a prostitute and former stripper who ran away from home but is now having satanic hallucinations.


1987 – The owner of a slaughterhouse is facing foreclosure on his property, unless he decides to sell the property to his competition. That’s when he and his mentally disable son decide to take matter into their own hands, and kill the competition.

Sleepaway Camp

1983 – A socially awkward young girl, Angela Baker, is sent to summer camp with her cousin, Ricky. However, murders begin to spark up around the camp, as people with bad intentions get what’s coming to them.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

1988 – Angela from the original film is back,  and is now working at a summer camp while using a false name to protect her true identity. As campers begin to act inappropriately, Angela finds herself resorting back to her old ways to punish the unruly occupants.

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

1989 – After murdering a young girl that was on her way to camp, Angela Baker assumes her identity, and takes her spot at camp. Things never change, as these campers begin to act out, so Angela starts picking them off one-by-one.


1992 – Supernatural creatures search from town to town to find a virgin to feed on.

Sleepy Hollow

1999 – In an extended retelling of the fable, scientist Ichabod Crane investigates the legend of a headless spirit decapitating residents in the town of Sleepy Hollow


2006 – Leeches of alien origin take over the body of a rural mechanic, who attempts to infect the town with the creatures

Slumber Party Massacre, The

1982 – Originally intended to be a parody of the genre, this slasher movie contains more humor than its counterparts of the respective era. A high school senior throws a slumber party after her parents leave town. Unbeknowst to her, a killer with a power drill is roaming the neighborhood…and she is his next target.

Slumber Party Massacre II

1987 – A group of friends have a weekend getaway, but trouble in the form of a rockabilly driller killer will soon find them.

Slumber Party Massacre III

1990 – A group of friends are stalked by a serial killer during a fun weekend slumber party.


2012 – A teenager discovered the myth of a smiley face killer, and also that she may be his next victim.

Snow White: A Tale of Terror

1997 – This grim retelling of the original fairy tale focuses on the darkness that surrounds the evil queen as she attempts to murder her stepdaughter.

Somebody Help Me

2007 – A group of friends are systematically kidnapped for a mad doctor’s experiments while on a weekend getaway in an isolated house

Somebody Help Me 2

2010 – The surviving duo from the first movie are still shaken by the events that transpired a few years prior, only to have to relive it again.

Sometimes They Come Back

1991 – A man brings his family back to his hometown, where he is forced to confront the teenagers that died when he was younger.

Sometimes They Come Back… Again

1996 – A man brings his daughter back to his hometown, but is revisited by demons who sacrificed his sister years prior.

Sometimes They Come Back… For More

1998 – A team of scientists in the arctic are visited by an ancient evil.

Son of Dracula

1943 – Count Alucard makes his way overseas to find the woman he loves.

Son Of Frankenstein

1939 – Dr. Frankenstein’s son revives his father’s monster, but the Monster is controlled by evil.

Sorority House Massacre

1986 – A group of sorority girls is stalked by a serial killer that shares a telepathic link with her.

Sorority House Massacre II

1990 – A group of sorority girls buy the house from the first one, and decide it’s a good idea to play with a ouija board.

Sorority Row

2009 – After a prank goes terribly wrong, a group of sorority sisters try to cover up the murder of one of their fellow sisters. A year later, during graduation, a serial killer begins to stalk the group, and apparently knows about the murder that they tried to cover up.

Soul Survivors

2001 – A group of classmates must fight to stay alive when one of them is caught on the plane between being alive and being dead.


1997 – A mercenary returns from hell as a soldier of the devil.


1995 – A group of scientists try to track down an alien before she can mate with a human.

Species II

1998 – An astronaut gets infected with alien DNA and escapes from his team. He must be tracked down and stopped before he can mate with a human.

Species III

2004 – An alien-human hybrid is born and rescued after an attack, only to grow up and begin her search for a mate.

Species: The Awakening

2007 – An alien-human hybrid searches for the scientist who created her.

Spider Baby

A family with a rare hereditary mental disorder becomes violent when distant relatives intrude on their property.

Splatter Beach

2007 – Tales of an ancient creature who can swim silently and devour human flesh don’t deter a group of tourists… But they should.


2009 – Dating geneticists Clive and Elsa create an humanoid hybrid in secret, which they raise on their own. Unfortunately, both the creature’s behavior, and its effect on them, are unpredictable and eventually volatile.


2008 – A couple are taken hostage by an escaped convict and his girlfriend. When they pull over to get gas at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, they come in contact with a parasite that has the ability to contort its hosts, and transform them into killing machines. If they are to survive the night, the couple and the convict will have to work together.

Spring Break Shark Attack

2005 – A marine biologist discovers that hoards of sharks are circling a popular swimming area just before students arrive for spring break.


1973 – A paranoid scientist attempts to transform a boy into a snake-hybrid, in the fear that mankind will need reptilian DNA to survive in the future

Stage Fright

2014 – A musical theater camp is stalked by a murderer, who wishes to stop the camp’s production of a certain opera, in this musical/slasher

Stake Land

2010 – A plague infects America with a disease that turns everyone into vampires, and one group travels to find a safe haven.

Stan Helsing

2009 – In this horror satire, a young immature man by the name of Stan Helsing, whom is actually related to Van Helsing, must drop some video tapes off at his boss’ house before he and his friends can go to a Halloween party. Unfortunately, the gang of friends end up spending the night battling it out against various creatures based off of horror legends.

Stand, The

1994 – A deadly plague kills most of the world, and the remaining survivors are split into two groups, who must face each other in the final battle between good and evil.

Starry Eyes

2014 – A young starlet discovers the deadly secrets of how to be famous.

Stay Alive

2006 – A group of friends discover a video game based on Elizabeth Bathory, and also that they die the same gruesome deaths that their characters do in the game.

Stepfather, The

1987 – A man murders his family and then remarries a widow to continue his spree.

Stepfather, The

2009 – A young man returns home from military school and becomes suspicious of his mother’s strange live in boyfriend.

Stepfather II

1989 – After escaping an insane asylum, “the stepfather” tries to win over a patient after impersonating a marriage counselor.

Stepfather III

1992 – The Stepfather gets plastic surgery to alter his appearance and remarries.


1999 – After a woman is infected with stigmata, a priest discovers secrets that could severely effect everything his church has built.

Stir of Echoes

1999 – A man is hypnotized by his sister, but begins seeing paranormal visions with a dark history.

Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming

2007 – A war veteran returns home, but is haunted by the dead.


2012 – A clown returns from the dead vowing revenge on those who took his life during a party.

Stomping Ground

2014 – A couple visiting home for the weekend make a fatal mistake when they decide to hunt for Bigfoot in the North Carolina woods.

Storage 24

2012 – Oblivious to a city-wide lockdown, a group of friends become trapped in a storage facility.

Storm of the Century

1999 – A man who knows an entire town’s deepest secrets haunts them with that knowledge.

Strange Behavior

1981 – A scientists experiments include turning a group of teenagers into murderers.


1998 – A sadist who takes pride in body modifications preys on his online victims.

Strangers, The

2008 – A couple are threatened by a group of silent, masked attackers.

Stones of Death

1988 – Residents in a housing development discover that their neighborhood was built on an ancient graveyard, with a curse on those who destroy it.

Stuff, The

1985 – A mysterious goo is marketed as a dessert but begins turning those who consume it into zombie-like creatures.


2007 – A man entering a hospital for a colonoscopy is accidentally given another man’s procedure because they have similar names.


1991 – A man murders his father and steals a blood stone, but falls in love with a woman who is studying his native land.

Suicide Club

2001 – A string of suicides puts pressure on a detective.

Super 8

2011 – A group of friends in the summer of 1979 have to piece together a puzzle of mysterious events after witnessing a freak accident.

Super Hell

2005 – An earthbound satan oversees humankind’s fall into depravity and violence. With a puzzling subplot involving aliens.

Survival of the Dead

2009 – A group of survivors must fight the undead, but also hope they can find a cure for the epidemic, so they can turn their family members back into humans.


An ordinary girl enters a ballet school, not knowing that it is staffed by sinister witches.

Swamp Thing

1982 – A research scientist becomes infected by a chemical that turns him into a plant-like creature.

Swarm, The

1978 – A swarm of deadly bees is responsible for deaths plaguing multiple cities.


2009 – A group of friends decide to break into a shut down factory for a place to party it up for the night. Unfortunately, there’s a sadistic killer stalking the abandoned place.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

1982 – A barber returns to open up shop in London and uncover the past.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

2007 – In this remake, Sweeney Todd returns to London and opens his barbershop, using it as a front for something more sinister.


2013 – A young couple searching for ways to amp up their next art project makes a deadly mistake by taking their lust to an abandoned hospital.


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