Horror Movies – V


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2007 – A husband and wife that are on the verge of divorce take up refuge in a motel room after their car breaks down. Unfortunately, they come to discover that the hotel room contains numerous hidden cameras, and they are the stars of a snuff film.

Vacancy 2: The First Cut

2008 – In this prequel to the original film, we see how a motel owner decided to get into the snuff film business.


2001 – A group of women are hunted down around Valentine’s Day, and the prime suspect is a lovelorn nerd who they bullied to insanity in middle school.


1986 – A group of college kids head off to a strip club in hope of finding a sexy stripper for their college buddies, but little do they know, this strip club is inhabited by vampires.

Vamp U

2011 – A vampire that’s unable to grow his teeth ever since the loss of his loved one searches for a cure to his problem in this horror comedy.

Vampire in Brooklyn

1995 – A vampire must search for a mate order to keep his bloodline going.


1998 – A group of vampire hunters must battle it out against the most brutal master vampire they’ve ever encountered.

Vampires: Los Muertos

2002 – A group of vampire hunters must stop a powerful female vampire from finding and using a black cross, which will allow her to complete a ritual that will enable vampires to walk in the sunlight.

Vatican Tapes, The

2015 – A young woman must rely on two Vatican exorcists and a priest to save her soul after being possessed by a satanic evil.

Vault of Horror, The

1973 – An anthology film in which 5 men are trapped in the basement of an office building, and tell stories of their own foreseen demises.

Veil, The

A trio of soldiers attempt to survive in a town infected by an extraordinarily communicable zombie virus.


1981 – Terrorists who kidnap a child find themselves in a terrible situation as they end up being tapped in a house that’s inhabited by a deadly snake.


An anthology of 5 films done in the found footage style, each supposedly part of a dead snuff film collector’s exotic stash.

V/H/S 2

2013 – Another anthology set in the found footage style, in which a couple of private investigators find a collection of snuff films.

V/H/S Viral

2014 – A man obsessed with capturing the next viral sensation on video follows a police chase with his camera in this anthology horror film.


1983 – A TV executive on the hunt for more extreme programming gets more than he bargained for when an ultra violent pirate broadcast causes his mind to warp and his body to mutate.


2011 – A group of people are held captive and forced to be tortured in order to gain their own freedom.

Village of the Damned

1995 – All the women of a small town find themselves passed out. When they awake, they’re all pregnant, and all of them give birth at the same time to children that look like humans, but possess supernatural abilities.


A ship’s crew take refuge on a derelict vessel during a heavy storm, not knowing that a cybernetic entity wishing to use humans for “spare parts” is on board with them.

Visit, The

2015 – Two siblings go to visit their estranged grandparents. However, they quickly realize that something’s not quite right.


2008 – During a live broadcast, a popular blogger is murdered while millions of helpless people watch. What happens in the weeks leading up to the murder is more sick and twisted than anyone could ever imagine.

Voices, The

2014 – Guided by his evil pets that can talk with him, a likable man must decide his next course of action carefully after being stood up for a date with his fellow employee.


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