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Ward, The

2010 – A young lady in a psych ward finds herself being haunted by a ghost.


1989 – A demonic warlock, taken from the 17th century into the present, attempts to find a book which will give him power above God.

Warlock: The Armageddon

1993 – The Warlock is back, and his mission is to obtain six runes, which will unleash the Devil upon the world. All that’s standing in his way is an order of Druids and their children they’ve trained to kill him.

Warlock III: The End of Innocence

1999 – A young girl inherits a house, which she and her friends begin to clean up. However, they soon discover a warlock that’s more than interested in the girl’s family.

Warm Bodies

2013 – A zombie saves the life of a young girl, which causes them to grow closer together.


1988 – A boy discovers a stray dog, and takes it in. He soon discovers that the dog is highly intelligent, and escaped from a research lab.

Watchers II

1990 – A highly intelligent dog from a research lab forms a psychic connection with a monster created from a lab experiment.

Watchers III

1994 – Einstein is a highly intelligent dog; the result of lab experimentation. The same type of experiments have also created a creature that shares a psychic bond with Einstein. When the creature escapes, a group of convicts are sent to hunt down the creature in the jungles of South America, along with Einstein, whom is their only hope for singing the creature.

Watchers 4

1998 – A detective seeks out the aid of a highly intelligent dog in an attempt to catch a murderer.


A group of wealthy college students visit a wax museum operated by a mystery man, in which every exhibit acts as a portal to a terrifying domain.

Waxwork II: Lost in Time

1992 – A couple must come together, and enter a portal in an attempt to defeat evil.

We Are Still Here

2015 – Every 30 years, a haunted house awakes and requires a sacrifice.

We Are What We Are

2013 – The Parkers are a secretive family, keeping their customs close, and refusing to break them. When a massive storm comes rolling through, and tragedy strikes, two daughters must come together, and go above and beyond to keep these values intact.

What Lies Beneath

2000 – A wife begins to suspect that her lakeside home is being haunted by a ghost, or that she’s going insane.

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

An aging starlet keeps her paraplegic sister locked in their shared home, psychologically tormenting her as her mental condition begins to deteriorate.

When a Stranger Calls

1979 – A young babysitter is being tormented by the calls of a murderer; asking if she’s checked the children.

When a Stranger Calls

2006 – A young girl babysitting in an unfamiliar house begins to receive harassing phone calls.

White Noise

2005 – A man becomes obsessed with trying to contact his deceased wife via electronic voice phenomena, which leads to a lot more than he ever bargained for.

White Noise 2: The Light

2007 – After the death of his wife and son, Abe decides to attempt suicide. To his dismay, he’s rescued, but when he wakes up, he’s developed a new ability that allows him to see people that are close to death.

White Zombie
1932 – A plantation owner convinces a Voodoo doctor to zombify a visiting woman in order to force her to marry him.
Wicked Lake

2008 – A gang of men stalk a group of four women, thinking that they will be easy victims. However, when the click strikes midnight, the tables will be turned.

Wicked Little Things

2006 – A mother and her two daughters are moving to a small town in Pennsylvania, but unbeknownst to them, a mining disaster occurred in the small town back in 1913, in which children were trapped underground, and their spirits still haunt the area.

Wicker Man, The
1973 – A police sergeant travels to an island inhabited by a Pagan colony in order to find a missing girl, unaware that the outwardly friendly populace have dark plans.
Wicker Man, The

2006 – A detective travels to a small island in hopes of discovering a missing, young girl. What he discovers is a closely guarded secret.


1971 – A socially awkward man uses his pet rats to get back at those that torment him.

Willard (2003)

A shy office worker, burdened by an overbearing mother and a cruel boss, trains the rats infesting his home to vandalize and attack.

Willow Creek

2013 – A couple travel to Willow Creek, which is where they hope to finally prove the existence of Big Foot, and capture him on camera.

Wind Chill

2007 – A couple of college students are on their way home for the holidays, but their car ends up breaking down on a deserted snowy road that seems to be haunted by ghosts.


1997 – A powerful Djinn is discovered, and its owner is allowed three wishes, but each wish comes with its own set of consequences.

Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies

1999 – The Djinn is back, and this time his goal is to collect 1,001 souls, so he can start the apocalypse.

Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell

2001 – The Djinn has returned, and this time his target is college kids at Baxter University.

Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled

2002 – The Djinn’s been released from his prison again, and plans on unleashing armageddon upon the world. The fate of the world rests in the hands of a young boutique owner that must destroy the Djinn before it’s too late.

Witch, The
2015 – After being banished from their town, a family sets up their home in the nearby woods, but when odd things start happening around the home, they begin to question if there’s a witch in the woods, or even worse — their own daughter may be the witch.
1986 – After some drinks, guests at a party decide to get an Ouija board out for a little bit of playful fun, and that’s when life starts to go downhill for everyone involved. Soon, they realize, they’ve released something sinister.
Witchboard 2

1993 – A young woman uses an Ouija board to contact the last occupant of her apartment. The spirit claims that it had been murdered, and that’s when a spine-tingling mystery begins to unravel.

Witchboard III: The Possession

1995 – A woman must do battle with the soul of a loved one when a demonic force inhabits our world via an Ouija board.

Witches of Eastwick, The

1987 – A group of three single women are looking for the perfect mate when a mysterious new man moves into town. After some strange things going on in their neighborhood, they’re convinced that the new man may just be the Devil himself.

Wizard of Gore, The

1970 – A magician performs illusions in which female volunteers are left appearing to be dead, but it’s all part of the act. That is, until female bodies begin to show up, seemingly meeting their demise from the same wounds that appear in the man’s magic shows.


1994 – A man that’s majorly down on his luck turns everything around in his life after being bitten by a werewolf.

Wolf Creek

2005 – Backpackers in Australia become friends with a likable local man. To their dismay, it turns out the man is a sadistic psychopath hellbent on killing them.

Wolf Creek 2
2013 – A young man comes across a blood-soaked girl running through some backroads, when he decides to stop and give her a lift. Unfortunately for him, he just interfered in Mick Taylor’s plot to kill the girl.

2014 – Lou, an alcoholic cop, often finds himself waking up in the morning with no recollection of the events that occurred the night before. Things take a strange turn when he begins to realize his transforming into a werewolf.


1981 – A cop in New York investigates a string of murders which resemble animal attacks.

Wolf Man, The

1941 – A man returns to his homeland only to be attacked by a creature he doesn’t believe exists.

Wolfman, The

2010 – A man returns to his homeland only to be attacked, bitten, and cursed by a werewolf.

Woman, The

2011 – A man captures a wild woman in an attempt to civilize her, but with her violent tendencies, she poses a risk to his family.

Woman in Black, The

1989 – A recluse old widow dies, and a lawyer is sent to her hometown in order to settle her estate. That’s when the mystery of the woman in black begins to unravel in front of him.

Woman in Black, The

2012 – A young man travels to a down that’s being haunted by a mysterious woman in black.

Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death, The

2014 – After forty years of peace, a group of children that have been evacuated from London in the wake of World War II arrive at Eel Marsh House and awaken the spirit within.

Woods, The

2006 – A rebellious girl is sent to an isolate all-girls school in the middle of the woods. While trying to cope with her new situation, she begins to think that the school may be ran by a coven of witches.

Would You Rather
A young girl with an ailing brother struggles to make ends meet, and is looking for a new job. When she’s approached by a millionaire that promises he can give her all the money she could ever dream of, and also find a suitable donor for her brother’s rare physical condition, she decides to take him up on the offer. All she has to do is play a game of “Would You Rather,” with a group of other money-hungry people, just like herself.
Wraith, The
1986 – A gang of motor heads in an Arizona town forces other motorists to race them for pink slips. The gang soon finds themselves being challenged by a new arrival in town, Jake Kesey, who seems to have an unbeatable car, and he starts dismantling the gang.
Wrath, The
2007 – The last surviving heir of a family fortune decides to go in search of what’s now become his property. Unfortunately, he’ll have to travel deep into a very dangerous cave to retrieve the items.
Wrong Turn
A group of friends decide to go hiking in the mountains of West Virginia in an attempt to get their friend’s mind off of a recently disastrous breakup. Unfortunately, hillbilly cannibals call these mountains home, and they don’t take too kindly to unwanted guests.
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
A crew of filmmakers take to the mountains of West Virginia to shoot a pilot for a new reality television show. However, the contestants quickly realize their biggest competition isn’t their fellow competitors, but cannibalistic hillbillies.
Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

2009 – A bus-load of convicts and corrections officers crashes in the mountains of West Virginia while transporting the criminals to another corrections facility. The criminals get the upper-hand, taking the corrections officers hostage, but escaping their prison sentences is certainly the least of their worries. Now, they have to worry about escaping the cannibals that live in the West Virginia woods.

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings
2011 – A group of college students decide to go on a snowmobiling adventure, which leads them to an abandoned asylum in the middle of the woods. However, three cannibalistic brothers call this asylum their home.
Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

2012 – College students decide to spend their Halloween at the Mountain Man festival in West Virginia, but they didn’t plan on encountering a clan of hungry cannibals.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort
2014 – A young man inherits a resort, which seems to have been looked after by two unnerving caretakers. Oh, and there’s a clan of killer cannibals hiding in the place, as well.


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