Horror Television


1000 ways to die1000 Ways to Die

Ever thought about all of the different ways you could die? Well, this show reminds you just how fragile, and susceptible to death humans truly are, and showcases some of the most bizarre ways people have died.

13 nights of elvira13 Nights of Elvira

Cuddle up with the Mistress of the Dark, Elvira, as she watches some awful B-horror movies, and cracks jokes about them the entire time. This show makes it easy to expand your horror knowledge, while also getting to hang out with a busty babe!


addams familyAddams Family, The

Some people may find the Addams Family to be a little bit cooky, and/or a little bit spooky, but we guarantee you’ll fall in love with them.

american horror storyAmerican Horror Story

An anthology horror series with each season focusing on a different genre of horror, such as haunted houses, ghosts, witches, insane asylums, freaks, and much more.

are you afraid of the darkAre You Afraid of the Dark

Join the Midnight Society, a group of kids, as they gather around a campfire and take turns telling tales of horror.

ash vs evil deadAsh V.S. Evil Dead

Groovy! Ash’s adventures against demons are just too much to capture in the form of a film, so he’s been given his own television show.


beyond belief fact or fictionBeyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Sometimes, the lines between fiction and reality are so blurred that it can be nearly indecipherable. Each episode of this show contains multiple stories, and it’s the viewer’s job to figure out which stories are real, and which are the works of fiction. The answers are revealed at the end of the show.


courage the cowardly dogCourage the Cowardly Dog

A timid dog attempts to save his elderly owners from a variety of surreal beings who show up in the isolated Nowhere, Kansas.


dead filesDead Files, The

An ex-homicide detective and a psychic medium come together to investigate locations where deadly crimes took place. The two work independently on each episode, and then come together at the end, revealing the conclusions that each of them have come to. As you can imagine, these conclusions typically coincide with each other.


eerie indianaEerie, Indiana

Marshall is a little boy that’s finding it hard to adjust to his new surroundings, seeing as how his parents moved the family from their home in New Jersey, all the way to a place called Eerie, Indiana. As you’d expect from the name, there’s weird things going on in this town, and Marshall embarks on adventures that further prove this point.


fear itselfFear Itself


fear the walking deadFear the Walking Dead

A prequel companion to The Walking Dead detailing the undead outbreak in its early stages, before Rick Grimes awoke from coma.

freddys nightmaresFreddy’s Nightmares

Freddy has stalked his victims’ dreams for a long time, but can you fathom what haunts his dream? This is an anthology series, similar to Tales From The Crypt, Tales From The Darkside, The Twilight Zone, etc…

friday the 13th tv showFriday the 13th

Micki inherits an antique shop from her uncle, Lewis. However, Uncle Lewis didn’t run an ordinary antique shop. Instead, he made a deal with the Devil to sell cursed objects at his antique shop in return for fortune. Now, Micki and two of her friends come together to reclaim the cursed objects and seal them up away from the rest of the world.

No connection to the slasher film series of the same name.

from dusk till dawn the seriesFrom Dusk Till Dawn: The Series


ghost adventuresGhost Adventures

Tag along as this team of three paranormal investigators get locked in overnight at some of the most haunted locations on Earth.

ghost huntersGhost Hunters

TAPS, the paranormal research team behind Ghost Hunters, is known for their skeptic approach to the world of the paranormal, and always look for a logical explanation before ever deeming a place haunted. They’re one of the most popular ghost hunting shows of all time, and have traveled the world to find the most haunted locations.

goosebumps tvGoosebumps

Goosebumps is the television show based off of the wildly successful books by R.L. Stine from the same name. Each episode is typically 30-minutes in length, and draws inspiration from the book series.


A detective and the latest in an ancient line of monster hunters finds himself having to keep the peace with the disguised storybook creatures inhabiting his town.


haven tv showHaven



Game show in which contestants must traverse a building where the residents are all apparently immortal serial killers, whilst two mildly-amused ‘sadists’ tell them where they can pick up cash.

hemlock groveHemlock Grove


kolchak the night stalkerKolchak: The Night Stalker

A reporter with an eye for supernatural phenomena attempts to hinder and document the doings of monsters in Chicago, Illinois.


masters of horrorMasters of Horror

This show showcases work from some of the most talented horror directors the world of horror has ever known. Each episode has its own story, and is directed by a different master of horror.

most hauntedMost Haunted


new addams familyNew Addams Family, The


the outer limits 63Outer Limits, The
1963An anthology featuring a perilous array of paranormal beings.
outer limits 95Outer Limits, The
1995Aliens, mutants and other bizarre creatures terrorize humanity, during the backdrop of a covert alien takeover of Earth.


penny dreadfulPenny Dreadful
Purge, The

A television series set in the same universe as The Purge films. Rather than just focusing on purge night, this series will follow the lives of people, and how they cope with living in a world that has an annual purge night.


haunting hourR.L. Stine’s: The Haunting Hour

Very similar to “Goosebumps,” The Haunting Hour is an anthology series featuring different tales of terror presented to you from children’s horror author, R.L. Stine.


scare tacticsScare Tactics

Do you have someone you know that you would just love to scare the hell out of? Well, that’s what Scare Tactics is all about. Watch as these poor victims have been set up by friends or family members as they are thrust into elaborate scenarios that have been carefully planned and crafted with Hollywood-quality special effects.

scariest places on earthScariest Places on Earth

Exorcist star Linda Blair hosts a weekly investigation of the world’s most infamous haunted locations.

scream queensScream Queens
scream tv seriesScream: The TV Series

High school students are hunted down by a masked murderer who walks among them, in the vein of the film series of the same name.

strainStrain, The

A plague-carrying parasite is used as a catalyst by vampires, in hopes of spreading their numbers across the world.


A monster hunting traveler’s two sons set off across America in hopes of finding their missing father, and battling the hostile monsters, angels and demons that are bent on causing worldwide havoc.


tales from the cryptTales from the Crypt

A skeletal host presents tales of macabre justice, based on stories appearing in EC Comics titles.

tales from the cryptkeeperTales from the Cryptkeeper

An animated continuation of Tales from the Crypt, naturally toned down for the kiddies. EE-HEEHEEHEE!

tales from the darksideTales from the Darkside

A collection of surreally-disturbing stories, often with tragic endings, adapted from a variety of veteran horror authors.

teen wolf tvTeen Wolf
tremors the seriesTremors

A spinoff of the film series revolving around the gigantic subterranean graboids, features survivalist Burt Gummer dealing with a law-protected graboid and other cryptids who appear in Perfection, Nevada.

the twilight zone - 59Twilight Zone, The
1959Rod Serling hosts poignant, and often terrifying, speculative fiction stories.
twilight zone 85Twilight Zone, The
twilight zone 2002Twilight Zone, The


unsolved mysteriesUnsolved Mysteries
urban legends tv showUrban Legends

Natasha Henstridge presents reenactments of popular urban legends, whose veracity are put to the test by guest researchers


vampire diariesVampire Diaries, The


the walking dead season 6Walking Dead, The

Based on the comic book series by the same name, The Walking Dead is a wildly popular television show that focuses on a group of survivors who find themselves now living in a world that’s been overrun by zombies.


z nationZ Nation

An immune survivor of an apocalyptic zombie outbreak is escorted across the U.S. by a group who believes his blood can be made into a vaccine.