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Hotties of Horror - Female

This is a page dedicated to those ladies of horror with the power to steal your heart, whether through charm or force. The bloodthirstiest vamps and foxiest of final girls reside here in their parlor on TalkHorror, making the dark side just a little more seductive.

alexandra daddarioAlexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario is a busty beauty that’s starred in numerous horror films, and she isn’t shy when it comes to showing off her sexy body. She’s well-known for being a busty beauty with enchanting eyes. If you want to see her in action, you can check out movies like Texas Chainsaw 3D, Bereavement, and Burying The Ex.

ali larterAli Larter

Ali Larter is most well-known for being the attractive blonde covered in whip cream in Varsity Blues, but she’s also been in some horror films, as well. Undoubtedly, she’s most known for her role as Claire Redfield in the Resident Evil films, but she’s also been in the Final Destination series, and the House on Haunted Hill remake.

amanda righettiAmanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti starred in “Return to House on Haunted Hill,” but her most noteworthy horror role would definitely have to be the Friday the 13th remake.

danielle harrisDanielle Harris

If you’re a horror fan, you have to love Danielle Harris. She’s literally grown up on film, as she starred in both Halloween 4 & 5, and would celebrate her 11th birthday on the set of Halloween 4. Since then, she’s appeared in numerous horror films over the years, and has grown up to be quite the sexy scream queen.

danielle panabakerDanielle Panabaker

She seems like she would be the innocent girl next door, but that hasn’t stopped Danielle Panabaker from letting her hair down, and showing off her amazingly hot body.

eliza dushkuEliza Dushku

Eliza has a few horror films under her belt, and she also starred in the wildly popular television adaption of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Slay me, Eliza.


The mistress of the dark, Elvira, has been a busty bombshell that’s starred in the fantasies of nearly any self-respected horror fan. She’s like horror’s unofficial, and very sexy mascot.

hayden panettiereHayden Panettiere

I think every horror fan’s dream came true near the end of Scream 4, when Hayden’s character started showing interest in the horror-obsessed nerdy guy. Unfortunately, the love-fest didn’t go as planned, but there’s no denying that Hayden was smoking hot.

jessica bielJessica Biel

Even though she was known for her squeaky clean appearance, Jessica Biel made everyone’s jaw drop when she starred in the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She looked as good as ever in her tight jeans, and tight tank top.

jordana brewsterJordana Brewster

While Jordana Brewster is mostly known for her roles in the Fast & Furious films, you can’t forget that this hottie also appeared in some horror films, as well. Most notably, she was in The Faculty, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

julianna guillJulianna Guill

While Julianna Guill has starred in a few different horror films, I don’t know any man that didn’t have to pick his tongue up off of the floor after seeing her in the Friday the 13th remake. From her famous dance scene, to her sex scene, you can’t help but fall in love with this hottie.

kate beckinsaleKate Beckinsale

Even when she’s not trying to be sexy, Kate Beckinsale is one of those women that is still sexy.

lauren cohanLauren Cohan

Is there anyone on the planet that isn’t extremely attracted to Maggie from The Walking Dead? Without a doubt, this is a woman I’d love to be in a zombie apocalypse with.

linda blairLinda Blair

While Linda is most famous for her role in The Exorcist, she did grow up to be quite the sex-pot, and wasn’t afraid of showing off her assets in some of her later films. Oh, and she did some very sexy photoshoots.

linnea quigleyLinnea Quigley

If you’re a true horror fan, you have to love Linnea Quigley, and there’s absolutely no way around that. This is especially true if you’re a fan of sexy blonde bombshells with big boobs. She’s been in numerous horror films over the years, and she’s always been more than willing to show off her great body.

milla jovovichMilla Jovovich

Milla is a timeless, model-esque beauty that’s starred in many horror films over the years, but is most well-known for her role as Alice in the Resident Evil series.

salma hayekSalma Hayek

Even though Salma Hayek isn’t known for being a horror actress, she still provided fans with one of the most memorable sexy horror scenes of all time when she starred in From Dusk Till Dawn.

sarah roemerSarah Roemer

While she hasn’t been featured in a ton of horror films, most fans will remember her as the sexy neighbor from Disturbia. I don’t think any man out there would mind if this hottie moved in next door.

shannon elizabethShannon Elizabeth

While she’s most well-known for her role as the sexy foreign exchange student in American Pie, Shannon Elizabeth has a few horror films under her belt, as well. Let’s not forget the time she played a sexy goth chick in the Night of the Demons remake, and the time she had a sex scene with a snowman in Jack Frost.

sheri moon zombieSheri Moon Zombie

Rob Zombie has a hot wife, and he knows it. That’s why he’s definitely not afraid to show her off whenever he gets the chance.

willa fordWilla Ford

While Willa Ford doesn’t exactly have a lengthy film career, you can’t deny that her hotness wasn’t a welcome addition to the cast of the Friday the 13th remake.