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30 Days of Night Page Added to the Encyclopedia

A picture of the bald vampire from 30 Days of Night and his face is covered in blood.

Okay folks, it looks like we finally have our first official horror movie page addition to the horror movie encyclopedia. Now, it’s not completely finished and I still somewhat consider it a rough draft, but the 30 Days of Night page has been published on the site. Now, as I stated above, I’m still going to go over the page, …

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19 Stunning 30 Days of Night Wallpapers

I was working on the 30 Days of Night page today, adding information for the film to the horror movie database. One of the things I did was add a decent bit of 30 Days Night wallpapers to the page for the film. That being said, I decided to do a whole post on the main page dedicated to wallpapers …

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Welcome to the New TalkHorror

What’s up, everyone? It’s your old friend Bojangles here, and I’m back with some very exciting news! TalkHorror is making a comeback, my fellow horror hounds. Once again, I’m behind the wheel, but I’m not alone. I was able to drudge up our good old friend, Mr. Briggs Dr. Briggs, from the bowels of hell, and once again, he’s helping …

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