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HOT ITEMS: Horror Adult Coloring Books!

Lilith here to bring you some HORRORIFIC News! There are 3 NEW adult coloring books that have hit the market that will surely bring all your blood curling nightmares to a reality! So head on over to House of Mysterious Secrets and pick you up some of these awesome coloring books! You have 3 to choose from: Friday The 13th Halloween …

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Friday the 13th (2009)

Clay (Jared Padalecki) is on the hunt for his sister that went missing while camping in the woods surrounding Crystal Lake. Now, Clay is on the hunt for his sister, scouring the woods around Crystal Lake. While on the hunt, Clay runs into a group of college kids that are partying in a cabin deep in the woods of Crystal Lake. Unbeknownst …

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Friday the 13th game: interview with the developers!

Hey TalkHorror, I’m back with some of the promised gory details concerning the upcoming Friday the 13th game. We got an exclusive Q&A with co-developers Wes Keltner and, Ronnie Hobbs, and Randy Greenback with Gun Media earlier this month, but were sworn to secrecy concerning the answers until some of the hype died down. Now, with Friday the 13th’s kickstarter …

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Slasher Game “Summer Camp” IS Friday the 13th – And That’s Not Just a Figure of Speech!

Remember Summer Camp, Gun Media’s collaborative slasher-vs.-prey video game we heard about late last year? The one that was set to involve Tom Savini, Kane Hodder, and boasted a soundtrack from Harry Manfredini, all of whom were veterans of the Friday the 13th franchise? For months, news on Summer Camp has been slim to none. Most recently, a website for …

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