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The One Question with Wednesday 13

Much like “The One Ring” from Lord of the Rings, “the one question” is an epic in and of itself. It’s one of my personal favorites, I typically use it as an ice breaker with just about every person that I meet, and I believe it serves its purpose. I’m also pretty sure that it’s the reason I even have friends. …

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HOT ITEMS: Horror Adult Coloring Books!

Lilith here to bring you some HORRORIFIC News! There are 3 NEW adult coloring books that have hit the market that will surely bring all your blood curling nightmares to a reality! So head on over to House of Mysterious Secrets and pick you up some of these awesome coloring books! You have 3 to choose from: Friday The 13th Halloween …

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Halloween Returns! Will Gillian Jacobs Be The Lead?

Lilith here with some super exciting Halloween News!!! Dimension Films and Director Marcus Dunstan will be bringing fans Halloween Returns! The last news I heard on this, they hope to start shooting this Fall. Also, Louisiana was rumored to be the movies location. But it is to my understanding that has not yet been confirmed. Dunstan recently said, “I really …

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