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The Slumber Party Massacre 1982 -Review

PLOT Trish's parents leave town for a while, so Trish decides to throw a slumber party and just invites the "gang" for old times sake. She later changes her mind and would like to invite the "new" girl Valerie. Diane doesn't approve, and talks trash about her. Jealous much? Valerie over hears it and declines the invitation when Trish asks anyway. Meantime, we eventually get a shot …

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Slumber Party Massacre 2 1987 -Review

 PLOT Well if you remember from the first movie Courtney Bates is the younger sister of Valerie Bates. Valerie was the one who put a stop to Russ Thorns murderous rampage once and for all. Courtney, all grown up now still has problems with what happened that night. She has nightmares, hallucinations and to top it off her older sister Valerie was committed to …

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