Urban Legends

A Lonely Girl By the Road

The next time you see a lonely girl walking by the road, you may want to keep going. One thing’s for sure: don’t pick her up!

Bloody Mary

Legend has it that if you turn all the lights off in the room, and say her name five times, you’ll come face-to-face with a murderous ghost.

High Beam Gang Initiation

If you see someone traveling down the road with their lights off, you should resist the urge to flash your lights at them at all costs.

Jersey Devil

It’s said that the people of southern New Jersey have been haunted by the Jersey Devil for years.

People Can Lick, Too

Always check under your bed before putting your hand down there.

Slender Man

The Slender Man is a tall, pale man

Someone in the Backseat

Ever had the feeling that someone could be lurking in your backseat?

The Babysitter


The Hook

A lunatic is on the loose, and he’s armed with a hook for a hand.

The Mothman
Turn On the Lights