Better Music to Become a Vampire’s Thrall To? Horror Soundtrack Showdown – Round 2!

Horror soundtracks seem to have a rock or pop song that fits uncannily well for every occasion that a dark mind could envision. It’s to be expected that since sexy vampires have been a hot topic on film since the 1930s and there’s rarely been a period in horror cinema devoid of them, there’d be more than one scene of a vampire’s seduction set to a song that captures the mood just perfectly.

Today on TalkHorror, I’m picking two fan favorite tunes that perfectly exemplify that (both from the ‘80s, surprise surprise), and asking you guys to pick the one that you think is better!

Our first offering is Cry Little Sister, as performed by Gerard McMann and composed by McMann and Michael Manieri, for 1987’s The Lost Boys!

Pros: Perfect, brooding atmosphere for someone who turns to vampirism as a final “fuck you” to civilized humanity. Hits home if you’re outcast from society and want some rough lovin’ from a child of the night. Also, speaking of children, that choir in the background is just foreboding.

Cons: According to the single’s Wikipedia article, it’s not really written in the mindset of someone getting seduced by vampires. The incest overtone, while anyone who enjoys the song will lecture you that it wasn’t actually written with that in mind, is a little squicky for many tastes.


The challenger, Brad Fiedel’s Come To Me, written for 1985’s Fright Night!

Pros: Slow-moving song that screams seduction of the innocent. Hits home if you’re bored and need something to spice up your life, living, dead or undead.

Cons: The singer here isn’t exactly a perfect fit for “danger and forbidden love,” although the lyrics allow him to pass for the most part.
Which one of these would you rather hear as the blood is drained from your body, vampiric resurrection or not, as you blissfully think “worth it” either way? Vote in our forum thread, or leave us a comment below and your voice shall be heard!

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