Is Jennifer Tilly Coming Back For Chucky 7?

First of all, please forgive us for referring to what should be titled Child’s Play 7, as Chucky 7, but that’s what the project is labeled as on iMDB, so who knows…

Either way, it looks like Jennifer Tilly is returning for the latest installment into the Child’s Play franchise. Don Mancini has been working diligently on the script for the film, and recently hinted on Twitter that filming will begin sooner than we thought, and a familiar face will likely be in the upcoming film.

This was the tweet that Mancini sent out to Tilly over the weekend, asking her if they should shoot the new Chucky film in Cape Town, which is a town in South Africa. Tilly responded to the tweet:

There you have it, horror fans! It looks like Child’s Play 7 is happening and Jennifer Tilly will be involved with the film. This tweet was likely sent out just to give us horror fans a little bit of a tease, and letting us know that Chucky 7 is coming sooner, rather than later.

Curse of Chucky came out back in 2013, and took the franchise back to its horror roots. In doing so, the direct-to-video sequel was also well-received by many fans. At the end of the film, Jennifer Tilly made a surprise appearance, as she was seen mailing Chucky to addresses of potential victims. So, we have to wonder if Chucky 7 is going to pick up where Curse left us off. According to the iMDB synopsis it looks like that’s the plan, but nothing is set in stone just yet. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Chucky peeling off his skin in Curse of Chucky.

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