The Strangers 2: “No One From The Original Is Returning”

Well, it’s time for me to slide right on in here and fuck your day up for you, horror fans.

No, seriously, I hate to announce this news, but it has to be done.

So, a few days ago, we made the announcement that The Strangers 2 was finally making it out of production hell, and would begin filming later this month on the 30th of May. In our post, we revealed that some of the casting for the film had already been completed, and we listed some names.

Unfortunately, some notable names were missing from the cast, such as:

  • Liv Tyler
  • Scott Speedman
  • Gemma Ward
  • Kip Weeks
  • Laura Margolis

It makes sense that Speedman wouldn’t return, but at the end of the original, it was revealed that Liv Tyler‘s character, Kristen, was still alive. Now, there are rumors that she may return for a very small role, as the story is obviously no longer focused on her character, anyways, but that has yet to be confirmed.

So, what about our famous villains: Dollface, Pin-up Girl and Man in the Mask?

Well, we’ve spoken with Kip Weeks who took on the role of Man in the Mask and he had this to say:

No one from original returning.

So, I guess this puts an end to the whole rumor of Liv Tyler making a cameo, unless something changes. Therefore, we’ll probably never get to know what happened with Kristen.

As for the villains, they’ve obviously been recast, and the original trio won’t reprise their roles. The average person may think that it won’t matter, because the villains wear masks, and anyone can take on their role.

Unfortunately, this was the same logic that Robert Shaye had when A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 was moving into production, and he thought he could replace Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger. That obviously didn’t work out so well, and Englund was brought back for the film.

That may be stretching it, but it would also at least give fans of the original a little bit of enthusiasm in regards to the sequel. After all, we’ve been waiting nearly a decade for the follow-up, which has been stuck in production hell and track records for films that’ve fallen to the same fate have poor track records.

Still, I guess we can hope.

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