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“The Spirit of Haddonfield” Fan Film REVIEW

Writer/Director Rene Rivas’s “Spirit of Haddonfield” brings Halloween back to its roots. The Spirit of Haddonfield (TSOH) opens with various shots of a suburban neighborhood: carved pumpkins, leaves scattered on the sidewalks, houses dressed in Halloween decor, trick or treaters, the sun setting behind the fall trees, the stillness, the uneasiness, etc. It’s classic Haddonfield and this introduction was very …

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Halloween: A New Hope?

A new Halloween film wrapped principal photography and is slated for a nationwide release on October 19th, 2018. Understandably, there will be some eyes rolling after learning of yet another installment in the fading Halloween (faded?) franchise. Who’s making it? And, uh…why…especially after the bad taste that ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ left the Halloween faithful? The Halloween sequels have systematically gnawed away …

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About to Be a House-Hale-d Name

John Carpenter. Wes Craven. Alfred Hitchcock. A few names with one thing in common: these are some of the most famous horror filmmakers in history. Time and time again, these men have redefined the horror genre, and left their signature on Hollywood. Starting in August, John Hale will attempt to do just that, and build a legacy in the process. …

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