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The Conjuring 2 Review

When I saw The Conjuring in theaters, I may as well not have slept for like a solid month afterwards. That movie scared the ever-loving piss out of me. Everywhere I walked in my house I checked for spirits leaping off shelves and little ghosts asking me if I want to play "hide and clap". I've literally only watched The Conjuring the one …

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Parallels: Annabelle vs. Rosemary’s Baby

I decided to watch Annabelle because it was supposedly a prequel to The Conjuring, and with The Conjuring 2 coming out in theaters, I felt myself growing a bit obsessive and decided that I wanted to see everything to do with these brilliant films. Even if they didn’t get good reviews. I’ll admit, I wasn’t too impressed with Annabelle, with one exception: I …

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Amityville II: The Possession 1982 -Review

PLOT Amityville 2: The Possession appears to take place  before the Lutz family moved in. The Montelli's move into the creepy looking old home with their 4 children. Two small children, a boy and girl and two teenagers.  Immediately things start to not feel so right within the home. The family constantly bickers. The father, who seemed to be unstable as it is before they …

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