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Steven is an author and aspiring film director located in southern West Virginia. His passion has always lied in horror, and he is interested in all aspects of the genre. This passion led him to create TalkHorror, which he calls his home. Shortly after launching the site in 2006, he realized he had something very special on his hands.

Originally, TalkHorror was simply a horror message board, enabling Steven, as well as other horror fans from around the world to converse with one another. After technical issues, and the site going down for a brief period of time, Steven decided to relaunch the site with more enthusiasm — aiming to build the ultimate horror resource on the Internet.

Being the owner and operator of TalkHorror, you’ll often find him working diligently on improving the site. Even though the site is now much more expansive than what it once was, you’ll still find Steven regularly conversing with horror fans on the message boards, in post comments, and on the social media accounts.


Joe SandlinJoe Sandlin

Joe is just your normal every day horror nerd from Central Florida. I’ve been watching horror movies ever since i was just a little kid.

What got him into it? The first time he stayed up late and watched the first Nightmare on Elm Street by himself in the dark.

Joe loves a lot of horror. Some favorites include movies like the Hellraiser series, The Exorcist, The Hatchet Series, and many many more. 80’s horror has a very special place in his heart.

His absolute favorites of all time are the Friday the 13th and Halloween franchises. He grew with those as his favorites and that will never change.

He’s very eclectic. Somewhat of a nerd you could say. He loves horror, but he also loves everything from Rock/Metal to WWE/Pro Wrestling to Harry Potter (Don’t judge him)

His love for horror is what drew him to and he couldn’t be happier to be here!

Just remember. He’s helping to build this site to be the definitive horror encyclopedia for all you fans out there. So spread the word! Share us! And we’ll do our best to bring you guys, the fans, horror news you crave and deserve!

Rock on! /,,/

brit-feuryBrit Feury

I’m not interrupting anything, am I? You people look deep in thought. Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh, and scrape the bone beneath? That’s exactly how Brit Feury is going to enter the horror movie consciousness. Trust me, there’ll be a good deal of carnage; What will it be? Maybe it’ll be the escape of a psychotic murderer institutionalized since childhood; maybe they’re all gonna laugh at you; Nevertheless, the sooner you become familiar with Brit’s ideas, the better; ‘cause she’s here to slay…I mean..stay.

For Brit, idyllic summer afternoon trips to the cinema became life-changing. The events of those days led to the discovery of one of the most amazing franchises in the annals of American horror – Scream. And, like that, The Slasher flick re-emerged. Scream left no question of what the genre meant; and what the audience meant to the genre. It meant the renaissance of the genre after the gore-war in the 80s – some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can’t act, who’s always running up the stairs when she should be going out the front door. There was no character development, so you couldn’t give a shit who died. With titles like Leprechaun, and Freddy’s dad jokes getting more gruesome than the on-screen deaths – cause, let’s get real: the first one was scary, but the rest sucked – it’s clear why the genre started getting dismissed as a fad. The 80s gore-war proved torture porn was making the genre lazy. Scream just hammered this point home. Scream made formulas cool again. Scream made the genre suspenseful again. And Brit’s favorite: Scream’s metatextuality made genre nuts very happy. It was simple: more suspense, more references, less gore, self-reflective.

For Brit, Scream was pivotal. When you read her stuff, keep this in mind: her distinction between the text and the metatext. What’s always struck me about Brit: she knows the horror genre so well that she can almost see through it.

When Brit Feury says she has a fan theory, you listen; and try to keep up.

Steven Kale

Steve Kale is an aspiring film-maker and die-hard horror and sci-fi fan. He successfully completed the Electronic Media and Film Program at Eastern Washington University where he won an award for Excellence in Screenwriting. Steve spends his free time writing and working on many horror related projects.

Mitchell Steeler

I’ve always had a love for dark places and deeply flawed people. As such I’m attracted to horror because it gives me the thrill of observing the most deeply-hidden places and most fascinatingly grotesque people the human mind has dreamt up. I hope to one day pass on that sort of thrill to others like myself, and through TalkHorror, share and discuss the best horror fiction I’ve already found with those who are just as fascinated by them as I am.