Horror Music

This is a complete list of horror music from A-Z. If you click on a specific letter, you will be able to hide or show music listings for that letter, which makes for much easier navigation.

Horror-Related Artists

alice cooper band pictureAlice Cooper

His shows are almost like a horror film of their own, as they include fake blood, guillotines, electric chairs, snakes, and so much more. In addition to this, he’s also starred in horror films, and performed songs for them.

Black Sabbath

The innovators of the modern, dark metal sound, Black Sabbath makes the list for obvious reasons.

cannibal corpse band pictureCannibal Corpse

When people think of death metal, Cannibal Corpse is typically one of the first bands they think about. The band is known for their technical guitars, blast-beat drums, and unforgiving brutal lyrics.

cradle of filthCradle of Filth

The band is known for switching between genres. For instance, at first, they were more of a black metal band, but have since progressed into more symphonic metal, and other genres. Most of their subject matter is inspired by horror films, true crime, etc…


This band is the solo project of Glenn Danzig, former singer / songwriter for the horror punk bands, Samhain, and Misfits.


Referred to as one of the most influential bands in death metal history, Death, while being influencers in their own respective rights, sought influence from horror movies in some of their songs.


British heavy-metal band, Devilment, seeks some of their inspiration from horror films, as well as the world of the paranormal and occult.

eminem band pictureEminem

Who says rap artists can’t bust out some horror-themed songs? While some of the lyrics in his songs inspired by his childhood are certainly horrific in their own right, Eminem has written some purely fictional horror-related songs, as well.


A Swedish metal band, Ghost is mostly known for their on-stage presence and theatrics. Their music, music videos, appearance, and everything else associated with them is like a horror film come to life.

Iron Maiden

The British heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, has a lot of songs and music videos that revolve around horror themes.

John Carpenter

Famous film director, and horror legends, John Carpenter is mostly known for his directing attributes. However, he’s also a skilled musician, and is known for including his own original pieces in his films. He’s even released albums showcasing the horror themes he’s created.

king diamond band pictureKing Diamond

The man’s writing process consists of writing an entire, original horror novel, and then writing songs based on the scenes from his horror novel.

Lizzy Borden

This heavy metal band focuses on some dark subject matter in their lyrics, and the lead vocalist shares a name that’s quite similar to famed ax murderer, Lizzie Borden.

marilyn manson band pictureMarilyn Manson

Manson is known for being a shock rocker, with some of his songs being inspired by horror films. He’s also written and produced original content for horror films.

Mercyful Fate

The original band of vocalist King Diamond, Mercyful Fate is a metal band from Copenhagen, and was formed in 1981.

the misfitsMisfits

Horror punk band, the Misfits, are known for producing songs that are primarily inspired by horror films. They’ve also created original songs, which revolve around horror themes.

mortician band pictureMortician

An extremely brutal death metal band from New York, Mortician draws their inspiration for their music from horror films.

murderdolls bandMurderdolls

Mostly known for being the side project of former Slipknot drummer, Joey Jordison, a lot of the bands music revolves around horror themes, or is inspired by horror films.

Night Demon

The band’s debut album includes songs inspired by serial killers, vampires, werewolves, and Satan.

ozzy osbourne bandOzzy Osbourne

When you’re known as the “Prince of Darkness,” I don’t think you need much of an introduction. Still, Ozzy has been rocking for a long time now, and some of his music is horror-inspired.

rob zombie bandRob Zombie

A shock rocker, Zombie is known for his love of horror films, and writing songs based around them. He’s also ventured into filmmaking, and has made horror films, as well.

slayer bandSlayer

A thrash metal band with songs like Raining Blood and Dead Skin Mask. Yep, they totally deserve to be listed on this page.

wednesday 13 band pictureWednesday 13

A solo project of the lead singer from Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, Murderdolls, Bourbon Crow, and Gunfire 76, Wednesday 13 is a horror punk / horror metal band that is heavily influenced by horror films.