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Tuesday Knight Releases “Nightmare” Maxi Single!

Lilith here and I have some exciting NEWS for all you Nightmare on Elm St. fans! In case some of you have not heard, Tuesday Knight, who played Kristen Parker in A Nightmare on Elm St. 4: Dream Master, released her single, “Nightmare” earlier this year! This song was known among fans as the movie’s theme song. Unfortunately, Tuesday Knight’s …

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5 Overlooked Horror Movie Scores

It’s been said that a great soundtrack is one you can listen to by itself just to relive a bit of the ambiance. With a horror soundtrack, even that can be enough to leave you unnerved and still wanting more. Horror fans are already familiar with this phenomenon if the popularity of the soundtracks to Halloween, Suspiria, Psycho and Nightmare …

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NOW Available! Night Of The Demons (1988) – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Night Of The Demons (1988) – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Composed by Dennis Michael Tenney FINALLY! For the first time ever, this soundtrack is available for pre-order! Shipping is estimated around September 14, 2015 for the CD and cassette formats. If you order vinyl, shipping is estimated around September 18, 2015. Pre-Order NOW! Pre-orders started August 18, 2015 – …

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