True Crime

This is a page examining the individuals who turned the lives of real people into nightmares, and served as the basis for countless horror tales.

aileen wuornos mugshotAileen Wuornos

Aileen Carol Wuornos was an active serial killer in Florida during the late 80’s / early 90’s. While working as a prostitute, she claimed that she’d been sexually assaulted by some of her clientele, which inspired her murders. She shot her victims at point-blank range with a pistol, claiming self-defense.

Victims: 7

Active: November 30th, 1989 – November 19th, 1990

Albert FishAlbert Fish

Albert Fish was a child rapist, as well as a cannibal. While he claimed that he “had children in every state,” and stated that he’d had over 100 victims, it’s unconfirmed as to whether his claims were in regards to sexual abuse or cannibalism. These claims by Fish were never proven.

Victims: 3

Active: 1924 – 1932

andrei chikatiloAndrei Chikatilo

It’s confirmed that Andrei Chikatilo sexually assaulted, murdered, and mutilated 52 women and children during his run. Chikatilo confessed to having 56 victims, but was tried for 53, and convicted of 52.

Victims: 52

Active: December 22nd, 1976 – November 6th, 1990

david berkowitz mugshotDavid Berkowitz

Also known as the “Son of Sam,” David Berkowitz claimed 6 lives during his stint as a serial killer in New York City, and wounded 7 people. He would claim his victims with a .44 caliber handgun, in what would become the biggest manhunt in the history of New York City. Berkowitz would also famously taunt the police via letters, which would eventually lead to Berkowitz’s celebrity.

Victims: 6 Dead; 7 Wounded

Active: July 29th, 1976 – July 31st, 1977

dennis rader mugshotDennis Rader

The B.T.K. Killer, Dannis Rader, was known to bind, torture, and kill his victims, hence the nickname “B.T.K.” Rader would send details of his murders to the police, as well as local news outlets, which is eventually what led to his arrest in 2005.

Victims: 10

Active: 1974 – 1991

gary ridgway mugshotGary Ridgway

The “Green River Killer,” Gary Ridgway, is the most prolific serial killer in American history. Most of his victims were females in vulnerable situations, such as prostitutes, or runaways. He has confessed to as many as 71 murders, but it’s presumed that the total count of victims is over 90. He was dubbed the “Green River Killer,” by the press after his first five victims were discovered in the Green River.

Victims: 49

Active: 1982 – 1998

jack the ripper mugshotH.H. Holmes

Dr. Henry Howard Holmes is regarded as being America’s first modern serial killer. Holmes owned the World’s Fair Hotel, which he’d constructed to be his own “Murder Castle,” as it would be known. The hotel held secret passageways, secret rooms in which he’d murder people, and even convenient chutes that would allow for easy disposal of bodies. While Holmes was only convicted of 9 murders, he confessed to 27, and it’s believed that the total count could be over 200+.

Victims: 9

Active: 1888 – 1894

jeffrey dahmer mugshotJeffrey Dahmer

Also known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal,” Jeffrey Dahmer would rape, murder, dismember, cannibalize, and even perform acts of necrophilia with his victims.

Victims: 17

Active: June 18th, 1978 – July 19th, 1991

john wayne gacy mugshotJohn Wayne Gacy

Better known as “The Killer Clown,” John Wayne Gacy would lure men and young boys back to his home, which is where he would sexually assault them, torture them, and kill them. Some of these victims would end up hidden away in the crawlspace of his home.

Victims: 33

Active: January 3rd, 1972 – December 11th, 1978

richard ramirez death stareRichard Ramirez

“The Night Stalker,” Richard Ramirez, is well-known for being a devout satanist that seemed to have absolutely no remorse for any of his victims. Speaking of which, Ramirez wasn’t only a murderer, as he was also a rapist, as well as a burglar. He caused a great deal of panic in the Los Angeles area during the mid-80’s, before making the move to San Francisco later in his criminal career.

Victims: 13

Active: April 10th, 1984 – August 24th, 1985

ted bundyTed Bundy

Bundy was known for his charming good looks, which enabled him to easily con his victims into believing that he was a trustworthy person. Once he was able to get his victims to a remote location, he would murder them. Bundy was a serial killer, rapist, burglar, and even a necrophile. Unfortunately, the true victim count is unknown, but he did confess to claiming over 30 victims.

Victims: 30+

Active: February 1st, 1974 – February 9th, 1978

the zodiac killer drawingThe Zodiac Killer

California was being stalked by a mysterious man from the late 60’s and early 70’s that referred to himself as “Zodiac,” in numerous letters that he would send to the press, which also included ciphers. The case still remains open to this day, as the killer has not been apprehended.

Victims: 7

Active: Late 60’s – Early 70’s