Marianna Reppin’ TalkHorror At World Horror Con 2011!

It’s Throwback Thursday, and and I’m feeling a little sentimental, so why not toss up a picture I’ve had sitting on my hard drive for a long time?

The set of pictures below is some shots that was sent to me by TalkHorror staff member, Marianna, who used to be very prevalent on the TalkHorror forums, of which she was a moderator.

Seeing as how we didn’t have any official TalkHorror t-shirts, she decided to create her own handmade version:

She went on to wear it at World Horror Con in 2011, and then she busted it out again and wore it to World SciFi Con in 2012.

That’s awesomeness defined in a single picture, my friends.

Can you believe how awesome our friends, and staff members are? The best part is the fact that this was way back in 2011, and we’re still in contact after all of these years with plans for world domination still in action.

Thanks so much to Marianna for sharing this picture with us, and allowing me to share it with the rest of you!

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