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Do NOT Buy Friday The 13th: The Game (Hint: Gun Media Is Screwing Everyone Over)

Are you thinking about buying Friday The 13th: The Game? It should be stated that this isn’t some sort of clickbait title that’s going to get you here and then actually praise the game. No, I’m seriously advising anyone who’s currently thinking about purchasing this game to reconsider. Why; you ask? It’s Plagued By Bugs & Glitches @Friday13thGame @F13GameSupport HELLO! …

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Friday the 13th game: interview with the developers!

Hey TalkHorror, I’m back with some of the promised gory details concerning the upcoming Friday the 13th game. We got an exclusive Q&A with co-developers Wes Keltner and, Ronnie Hobbs, and Randy Greenback with Gun Media earlier this month, but were sworn to secrecy concerning the answers until some of the hype died down. Now, with Friday the 13th’s kickstarter …

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Slasher Game “Summer Camp” IS Friday the 13th – And That’s Not Just a Figure of Speech!

Remember Summer Camp, Gun Media’s collaborative slasher-vs.-prey video game we heard about late last year? The one that was set to involve Tom Savini, Kane Hodder, and boasted a soundtrack from Harry Manfredini, all of whom were veterans of the Friday the 13th franchise? For months, news on Summer Camp has been slim to none. Most recently, a website for …

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