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Subtle Romance in Horror Films

The famous dinner scene from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Valentine’s Day is now past us, but that doesn’t matter: it’s still the most romantic month out of the year! Plus, I feel like it’s time we take a look at certain horror flicks in a little bit of a different light, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do in this post. Below, you’ll find two movies I’ve found, which I …

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8 Holiday Horror Gifts in the Nick of Time

Hacky Horrordays, Talkhorror fans! Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, or some other dark custom which you choose to hide away, it’s a good bet that if you’re here, you have something a little creepier than the typical sweater-and-coffee-mug combo on your December wishlist. But by now it’s too late to get anything truly exquisite… or is it? …

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The genre of horror has always been and will always be one of the few things I hold close to my heart. Perhaps it’s due to being 6’5 with wide shoulders, long arms and a mug not even a mother can love. Or maybe it’s as easy as I loved the adventure of being terrified as a youth. Much like …

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5 Overlooked Horror Movie Scores

It’s been said that a great soundtrack is one you can listen to by itself just to relive a bit of the ambiance. With a horror soundtrack, even that can be enough to leave you unnerved and still wanting more. Horror fans are already familiar with this phenomenon if the popularity of the soundtracks to Halloween, Suspiria, Psycho and Nightmare …

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Four Pet Sematary Remake Rumors

Hey everyone, Steven A.K.A. Bojangles coming at you with some of the hottest horror news at the moment. Watch Pet Sematary Online Lately, I’ve seen a few articles pop up about the upcoming remake of Pet Sematary. As a horror fan, I try my best to keep up with the latest horror news, and I’ve been doing this for a …

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11 Reasons Why Found Footage Horror Films Suck

Hey everyone, Steven here from Today, I’m going to bring you a horror list that was inspired while I was watching a found footage film. Now, I don’t want everyone to think that I hate found footage films or anything like that. I actually like found footage films. When done right, found footage films can be very effective and very scary. …

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