The One Question with Wednesday 13

Much like “The One Ring” from Lord of the Rings, “the one question” is an epic in and of itself. It’s one of my personal favorites, I typically use it as an ice breaker with just about every person that I meet, and I believe it serves its purpose. I’m also pretty sure that it’s the reason I even have friends. But, I digress…

I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a sit-down interview with Wednesday 13 at the last minute, but I knew that I would at least have a few seconds of face-time with each of them, so I decided that it would be perfect to ask these rock gods the one question that is always on my mind: “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

I cornered each of them, introduced myself, asked the question, and snapped a picture with them all. This was the result:

Larin (merch): Halloween and Eyes Wide Shut
Jack (guitar): Alien
Kyle (drums): Pumpkinhead
Roman (lead guitar): A Nightmare on Elm Street
Troy (bass): Hellraiser
Wednesday (vocals, and also, if you don’t know who Wednesday of Wednesday 13 is, why are you here?): The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part I and Part II.

And there you have it, folks! What are some of your favorites? Do you share a favorite scary movie with your favorite member of Wednesday 13? Let me know in the comments below!

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Slasher flick enthusiast; Scream lover. It's all about the metatext. A wise friend once said, "What's always struck me about Brit: she knows the horror genre so well that she can almost see through it. When Brit Feury says she has a fan theory, you listen; and try to keep up."

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