Evelyn Civinski – The Ultimate Ghostbuster Fan!

Evelyn Civinski is a horror fan, sure, but I think it would be safe to say that she’s definitely the most passionate about the Ghostbusters franchise. In addition to being a fan of horror, which is all you have to do to be in our Horror Fans section, she’s also a fan of TalkHorror, and has always been more than willing to lend a helping hand whenever we’ve needed it.

With Evelyn being such a big time Ghostbusters fan, she decided to start up the Tristate Ghostbusters, which is a GHOSTCORPS official franchise. In other words, the group is certified to capture all paranormal entities and phenomena, as well as helping out with their community, and sharing smiles with those around them.

To celebrate her love for the franchise, she loves going to conventions and mingling with other like-minded individuals. All of this being said, we’re more than happy to include Evelyn in the horror fans section of TalkHorror!

Enjoy some of Evelyn’s pictures below, which are of herself enjoying the genre we all love so much.

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