There’s Something Big Happening At Summer Camp

You are NOT going to believe this…

A lot of you folks out there know that I’m not only a huge horror fan, but I’m also an avid gamer. That being said, when the two are mixed together, I get very excited to say the least. When new horror games are released, I’m usually first in line to try it out, and offer up my opinions on it.

The doctor (Dr. Briggs) and I have been following a game over the past year that goes by the title Summer Camp. I’ve been particularly excited about this game for many reasons:

  • It’s a slasher game.
  • It will be an online co-op game.
  • You can control the killer.
  • It will be in a setting similar to camp crystal lake from the Friday the 13th films.

Let’s face it, there’s just too many reasons to list. However, news about the game has been somewhat slow.

Until now.

The website for Summer Camp recently underwent an update that leaves a ton to the imagination. If you go to the site, you’ll see a graphic of an old VCR with a VHS tape seated inside. Where the clock is located, there’s a countdown timer slowly ticking away to October 13th, 2014. At this time, the folks behind Summer Camp are going to unveil something huge.

As of right now, we have less than 24 hours until the clock strikes zero.

I know what the secret is…

Folks, I have something to admit — I know what the folks behind Summer Camp are going to unveil. Now, with my journalistic integrity at stake, I’m not going to reveal what the secret is, but I guarantee you one damn thing right now — you’re in for one HELL of a surprise.

Check back tomorrow at Noon EST or sign up for our newsletter to stay updated. Trust me, you will NOT want to miss this!

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