About to Be a House-Hale-d Name

John Carpenter. Wes Craven. Alfred Hitchcock. A few names with one thing in common: these are some of the most famous horror filmmakers in history. Time and time again, these men have redefined the horror genre, and left their signature on Hollywood. Starting in August, John Hale will attempt to do just that, and build a legacy in the process.

When he was 7 years old, a young John Hale rented Jaws during movie night with his parents. After that, he was hooked. Steven Spielberg’s visionary masterpiece about a killer shark got John’s creative juices flowing, and he realized that he wanted to make movies. The next year, his parents got a camcorder. While reading the camcorder manual, he realized that the camera was made for stop-motion animation, and made his first stop-motion movie: Godzilla fighting some Jurassic Park figures.

In the vain of The Thing and Fright Night, August 2016 sets the trajectory for that 7 year old’s dream. Now in his 30s, John is making a horror movie short called The Conduit, about a man named Andrew, whose slumber awakens terrifying creatures trying to find a way into the “real world”. In order to combat the horrors that await, he decides to fight to stay awake, but the non-stop alertness has terrible side-effects on his mind and his body.

Stay tuned into Talk Horror for updates on John Hale’s Kickstarter for The Conduit. You can find more information on The Conduit‘s Facebook Page; Twitter: @conduitmovie; and Instagram: @conduitmovie.

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