Exorcist Remake Still On?

Jim Robinson, CEO of Morgan Creek, spoke with Deadline recently with exclusive insight on current dealings and what the future holds, particularly with an Exorcist remake.

What is currently happening?

The following comes from Deadline:

EXCLUSIVE: Morgan Creek Productions has hired investment banking group Houlihan Lokey to sell domestic rights to its library of 78 films that includes such comedy classics as the Major League and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective series, the gritty True Romance from Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino, the Daniel Day Lewis-starrer The Last Of The Mohicans, and the Kevin Costner-starring Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. The advantage of their film library is that it is loaded with a lot of family-friendly product.

So what does this have to do with an Exorcist remake you say?

Well according to the Deadline exclusive:

As part of any sale, Morgan Creek would retain remake rights for five titles — Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Major League, Young Guns, Flying Tigers and The Exorcist — but pay a percentage of the gross profit to the new owner of the library. The company will also retain TV rights.

And finally the teaser:

We have a number of properties that we are looking to move forward on.” Hmmm, could a remake of Major League and Ace be in the works? “Yes,” said Robinson, who said that ideas are being tossed right now for both those and The Exorcist.

You can read more here: Deadline: Exorcist


While all of this sounds like exciting news to some, I wouldn’t go spinning my head at 360 degrees just yet.

There has been talk of a remake before and so far nothing has came to pass yet. While I am sure that there will be a remake sooner or later, as that is the kind of horror world we live in now…. there has also been talk that things could be much different when it comes to an Exorcist remake. I don’t think die hard fans would be to crazy about a PG-13 Exorcist remake. Not saying this is set in stone… this is only one of the many things going around concerning this among horror fans voicing their opinions and concerns about how horror is done in this day and age and what could possibly be expected.

Times have changed in the land of Horror and it shows more and more each time we get a new remake, So you can bet that an Exorcist remake won’t fully escape these types of clutches either.

However, one thing is for sure…..

An Exorcist remake will not upstage the original.

Well don’t look at me… I didn’t say it…… It, it, was…

Captain Howdy!


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