Robert Englund Drops “Hints” On Nightmare Remake!

Hello Horror Fans! Lilith here with some BREAKING NEWS!

Robert Englund recently sat down with Red Carpet News TV at the 2015 Showmasters Bournemouth Comic Con! Robert had some pretty interesting things to say. However, he stresses that he is purely speculating! Keep that in mind.

So whats all the hype about?

Well, lets start at the beginning. We recently heard about a SECOND Nightmare on Elm St. remake…. which to a lot of horror fans, especially Elm Street fans, we felt it was … well.. to put it bluntly… stupid.

Why do we need ANOTHER Nightmare on Elm Street remake and so soon at that?

Well, according to Robert Englund’s little chat with Red Carpet News… he speculates that something else may be in fact going on here.

New Line MIGHT be planning a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors!!!

Robert: “I think they may be remaking A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3″

Now remember, this is pure speculation on Robert Englund’s side. He claims that he does not have or know any details.

What makes this even more interesting is he goes on to mention that theres gossip that they (New Line) approached Tuesday Knight! This is quite the gossip if you ask me. Tuesday Knight replaced Patricia Arquette as “Kristen Parker” in Nightmare 4: Dream Master.

Now to further fuel this “GOSSIP”, I spotted something today on Tuesday Knight’s Facebook page that I feel, has answered the question. I took a screen shot and you can make your own assumptions.


I feel Tuesday Knight would of just flat out denied it if the rumors were not true. As I have seen many actors / actresses do. But she didn’t. So this really gets you to wondering about what New Line is up to here.

Tuesday Knight has always been honest and up front with her fans from what I have seen. So if true, and I think at this point it is, she can’t confirm it because of legalities most likely.

Back to Robert Englund….

“They’re not gonna be bring me back for Freddy,” he explained. “Perhaps they’d bring me back in a cameo as an elderly dream expert at the local clinic for dream analysis or therapy?”

Hmmmm…. very interesting take Mr. Freddy.. I mean, Robert Englund! Is he trying to tell us something perhaps?

Robert again states that this is all pure speculation and that he doesn’t really know any details at this time.

Key phrase here being… “at this time”. Sometimes it’s not what isn’t said… but what IS said.

So “not at this time”,  he clarifies.

Does this mean he has been approached with something???

This could get very interesting!

Stay Tuned!!!!!

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