Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

friday the 13th part 3The Friday the 13th franchise unleashes another sequel on the world, and this time the action is in 3D. This story picks up right after the events of Friday the 13th Part 2, in which Jason Voorhees revealed himself, and wreaked havoc on a camp full of camp counselors. This time, a group of kids are having a get-together at their friends lake house, but this lake house is located at Crystal Lake, and Jason calls Crystal Lake home. That being said, it doesn’t take long for the killing to start up again.


Directed by:  Steve Miner

Produced by:  Frank Mancuso Jr.

Written by:  Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson

Music by: Harry Manfredini, Michael Zager

Director of Photography/Cinematography: Gerald Feil

Special FX / Makeup: Allan A. Apone

Edited by: George Hively

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

Release date:  August 13th, 1982

Running time: 95 minutes

Country:  United States

Budget:  $2.3 million

Box office: $36.7 million




  • Richard Brooker (Jason)
  • Chris Higgins (Dana Kimmell)
  • Gloria Charles (Fox)
  • Rachel Howard (Chili)
  • David Katims (Chuck)
  • Larry Zerner (Shelly)
  • Paul Kratka (Rick)
  • Cheri Maugans (Edna)
  • Kevin O’Brien (Loco)
  • Catherine Parks (Vera)
  • Jeffrey Rogers (Andy)
  • Nick Savage (Ali)
  • Tracie Savage (Debbie)



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