The Traditional Horror Art Of Tony Orcutt

In a digital age, Tony Orcutt is an artist that loves the old school approach to artwork. In other words, he’s disregarded modern advances in the art realm that aid most artists in their word these days — such as Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Tablets, etc…

Instead, Tony takes a traditional approach to his art, and he loves bringing his work to life in the most realistic way possible. That being said, he’s a major horror fan, which serves as inspiration for a good bit of his work.

This is a collection of some of Orcutt’s horror-related drawings.

With him being such a horror fan, he goes to conventions, as well, and gets some of his art autographed by the actors:

And just in case you wanted to see what goes on behind the scenes, here’s some pictures of Tony working on his art before it’s finished, and also some pics of himself presenting his art:

If you’re a fan of Tony’s art, and want to keep up with him, you can check out his Facebook page and drop him a “Like.” After all, that’s where his latest pieces will be debuted first.

The link to his page can be found here: Orcutt’s Art Room.

We at TalkHorror would like to thank Tony for allowing us to feature his art on our website, and tell him to keep up the awesome work!

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