Friday the 13th (1980)

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Crystal Lake has a history of murder surrounding it, but that doesn’t stop some young counselors from setting up a summer camp in the area. Even though the locals warn against the place having a “death curse,” Jack (Kevin Bacon), Bill (Harry Crosby), Marcie (Jeannine Taylor), Ned (Mark Nelson), and Alice (Adrienne King), don’t take the warnings seriously. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t take long before they’re being stalked by a killer, and their numbers begin to deplete. As counselors begin to get murdered in brutal fashion, the counselors try their best to survive against a seemingly merciless killer.


Directed by:  Sean S. Cunningham

Produced by:  Sean S. Cunningham, Alvin Geiler, Steve Miner

Written by:  Victor Miller

Music by: Harry Manfredini

Director of Photography/Cinematography: Barry Abrams

Special FX / Makeup: Tom Savini

Edited by: Bill Freda

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures (USA) / Warner Bros (International)

Release date:  May 9th, 1980

Running time: 95 minutes

Country:  United States

Budget:  $550,000 / Box office:  59.8 million


  • Betsy Palmer (Mrs. Voorhees)
  • Adrienne King (Alice)
  • Kevin Back (Jack)
  • Jeannine Taylor (Marcie Cunningham)
  • Robbie Morgan (Annie)
  • Harry Crosby (Bill)
  • Laurie Bartram (Brenda)
  • Mark Nelson (Ned)
  • Peter Brouwer (Steve Christy)
  • Rex Everhart (Enos/Truck Driver)
  • Walt Gorney (Crazy Ralph)
  • Ron Millkie (Officer Dorf)
  • Willie Adams (Barry)
  • Debra Hayes (Claudette)
  • Ari Lehman (Jason)
  • Sally Anne Golden (Sandy)

Filming Location:

Blairstown is a small town West of Newton, NJ, located in the Northwestern corner of the state, close to the Pennsylvania border. Sean Cunningham chose this location because it provided the perfect small town setting for the events of the fictional “Camp Crystal Lake” to take place.


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